The Escapist: Call of Duty: Black Ops Review

If you're a big fan of online multiplayer shooters and are simply looking for the next, new hotness as far as that goes, then you're probably already planning to buy this game. But if you're on the fence about the multiplayer attributes, then John Funk has you covered on that score (check for it tomorrow). This review will cover the worthiness of Call of Duty Black Ops for your single-player dollars.

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galgor2957d ago

And to be honest, I didn't find it to be too good either. As mentioned in the review, the constant interruptions are annoying & stop the flow of the game. The story isn't really that good, and getting to the end felt like a relief.

Just my opinion!

deafwing2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

but yea
if you want to play everything else everyone is playing ... dish out dem dollar dollar bills


just an fyi, but having an opinion on N4G and announcing is like saying "take my bubbles please."

Christopher2957d ago

They need to specify in the title that they're reviewing just the SP, then. Everyone is going to take this as meaning the full game once it gets thrown up on metacritic.

OSU_Gamer2957d ago

Which leads to another quesiton....why would you just review the SP and not the whole game.

Like you said, whats stopping metacritic from just picking up the SP review score?

ZBlacktt2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Seems like the scores are getting lower and lower now that the game is out and honest "gamers" are playing it. Crash and burn for COD it looks like. Not even been a week. It does also seem like every site I go on to. There's issues, problems, graphic's, lag, this, that, etc,etc,etc.... with the game. With weapons, bullets player's can take before death, just on and on player's are talking about.

big_silky2957d ago

i saw this coming a mile away. the definition of insanity is doing something over&over and expecting different results. it's the same exact bleeping issues every bleeping year.

BabyTownFrolics2957d ago

the single player is mediocre but the multiplayer is the best it ever has been for this series.

Not all 5 million plus folks who own it are experiencing issues. So while it does make for an interesting topic to discuss online the reality is far different from our microscope view of gaming.

So while all opinions should be heard please remember that the fact is the majority of folks playing this game are enjoying it with no issues.

If I get accused of trying to defend something let me just say that I harbor no irrational attachment to the series and game itself. I just cant keep silent when someone is attempting to describe ones experience with the game and that description is so different from mine.

calling people insane for purchasing it, saying that the series is crashing and burning, those do nothing to aid the conversation and are so far from the truth it borders on absurd.

oh and i love the escapist, his review of saints row 2 opened my eyes to a game that I had planned to ignore due to my preconceived notions that it lacked the quality I desired in a game.

Inside_out2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Zblack....What a dumb remark! If you dislike COD:black ops your honest. I haven't found any of the problems you mention. Maybe if you did some research BEFORE you bought the game ( you probably don't own it anyways ) you would of known that the 360 version ( like all multi-plats ) is the one to get.

As for the review...I agree with most of his gripes. I hate long cut scenes as well and games that have an enormous amount of them like Uncharted 2, MGS4 and GOW. I wonder what this so called reviewer would say about those games.

COD games were always about point A to point B missions so I don't know what he was expecting.

My only gripe was the big difference in graphics from one level to the next. Some levels look and play just like MW2 while others look like a Xbox 1 game...still...this leads me to the biggest issue I have with this review...

The title is completely misleading...on purpose mind you which calls into question the motive behind such a whining review. The game is sold as a complete package and needs to be reviewed in that way, especially if you want to go on a rant about not buying it. The multi-player is fantastic and adds alot to the great COD formula and the game also features a 4 player co-op Horde/firefight zombie mode. A must buy for ANY shooter fan.

BTW...I played the 360 version so I do here that the PS3 as well as the PC versions are somewhat broken...sad really...It's the biggest release of the year with nearly 6 million sold in the first week alone.

ZBlacktt2956d ago

Dumb would be someone with 1 bubble. Because they got that way for a reason... being dumb?

T9X692957d ago

Really? I thought the sound was pretty good, better than all the previous COD.


I think it depends what aspect of the sound we are talking about...

the sound of Nades for example... they sound... welll ... rubbish.

The sound of gunfire.. again rubbish - in my opinion they sound like toys with a little electric microphone that goes "tatatatatatata - ratatatatatata, pop"

does not sound as "meaty" as Cod4 or MW2.

OSU_Gamer2957d ago

@Dark Witness

I agree.

My best (worst) is the decoy grenade. Its so easy to tell that it is the decoy grenade because of the rediculous sound it makes.

THC CELL2957d ago

the game is not as good as the past cods, online is just the same but different skins.. killzone 3 beta is far better and i have found my self going back to MAG quicky

Eiffel2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Right...because Killzone 3 and MAG relates to this in every possible way. /s

Pew Pew Pew.

RBLAZE19882956d ago


No way dude everyone really likes it. I agree that the multiplayer beta is better and more fun than black ops multiplayer but black ops wager matches and zombie mode are really fun and I can see myself playing wager matches a lot more than the black ops multiplayer mode. I do domination to get some quick money then go to wager matches.

But killzone 3 is gonna be awesome and refreshing when it comes out.


The game looks better than crysis on PC... NO SERIOUSLY! But the main reason why I would have to agree is that the Mecs in this game are so balenced and fun that its like calling in a nuke every time you get in one... I swear you must look at gameplay on youtube to see what I mean!

OSU_Gamer2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Not to prejudge KZ3 because I'm sure the end product will be great, but isn't everyone saying the beta is kinda bad?

RedSky2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Nothing about the single-player in this game franchise ever changes.

You progress by leading a bunch of placeholder NPCs which do very little other than to shout plot cues at you and tell you you're getting shot.

Enemies respawn infinitely. Every time you progress to the next point, they start spawning from a different location.

You're lead from one scenario to another, tied together by the loosest of storylines nobody can really follow. Things explode. You do some slow motion sequence shooting every now and then.

Credits roll.

Ducky2957d ago

... and unfortunately, other games are trying to copy it too.

Its interesting how the AI in FPS games hasn't changed much since the original Half-Life.

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