Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Review (gameinformer)

StrengthGamer: This month's edition of Game Informer magazine showed up at our door this afternoon. Naturally, we flipped to the back to see the review of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (assuming it was there due to the massive AC: Brotherhood front cover).

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big_silky2955d ago

i don't care how good the reviews are, i refuse to support yearly games.

InFAMOUS12955d ago

I agree and disagree.. For me, it is all about the developer! In this case, I have refused to give Ubisoft any of my $ this generation. One of the largest development companies in the business and all their games look, play, sound, and feel the same, not to mention the shovel ware they put out!

lastdual2954d ago

Yearly Elder Scrolls I could live with, although I imagine it would take an utterly absurd amount of manpower and funding.

Nitrowolf22954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

@ Ahasverus

god no, I love GTA but seeing one every year? That is insane, Same with Elder Scroll. The amount of time that goes into these games is tremendous and even by the time we get a release of one there are always bugs. Seeing one every year means a lot more bugs and annoyances. There should be no reason for it. Of all the games i love this gen usually they release the next installment 2-3 years after the previous one. I mean seeing GTA or Elder scroll yearly might be great for a while, but like a lot of games they eventually will die out and the excitement you once had for those games would eventually die out as well. I am glad these games take time it gives me something to look forward to rather then have one every year and not be excited about it.

I Also love Assassin Creed but this is one title i am going to put off for a while.

Ahasverus2954d ago

Have you heard about Episodes? :P
Joking, of course you have, i would like it to be like, every 3-4 years, new game with new city and deep stuff, next 2 years, DLC episodes (Then box-collected) with side stories, complementary narratives and also completely random stuff (Undead Nightmare FTW!). Rockstar's worlds are magnificent and they are farely underused, long episodes should fill the gap well between big releases, especially considering GTA developing time is MASTODONTHIC =P

acedoh2954d ago

wrong with something coming out every year if the quality remains. If the quality drops like the Need for Speed series did then it's not a good thing. Assassins Creed 2 was awesome. Brotherhood looks even better. They added so much more to this game including online I am all for it.

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Ahasverus2954d ago

Fifa, Madden and that stuff, didn't you?

Heartnet2954d ago

Although CoD does come out yearly its made by like 2 differnet companies (like 3 or 4 now i think haha) so in retrospect 1 cod game every 2 years per developer making them :)

LordMarius2954d ago

you know you dont have to buy the game this year, you can wait until next year and buy it plus it will be cheaper, that way it will feel like 2 years have passed and you wont miss out on a good game.

jarrod19812954d ago

sucks for you. you'll be missing out on a great game. i wish all the games i love have a new one come out on a yearly basis.

gamingisnotacrime2954d ago

AC Brotherhood is looking like a high quality title that feeds us fans with more of the great AC universe.

Imagine an AC MMO, with an evolving online community of assasins and templars and all those beutiful locations

Gam3s4lif32954d ago

I support ur opinion for yearly games but for the truth of the matter is I dont really care.

My opinion: Good job that AC:B got a good review, prob get it on PC :D

Off Topic:
Yearly games that I kno of so far is CoD - but everyone knows that people will always buy it no matter what.

Weird thing is that people complain that halo is getting milked whereas look at CoD it is already on its 7th full game and it was released/made after Halo. Same goes for AC it is on its 3rd game (going to be 4 because of Ac3 or whatever) First game came out in 2007, it has only been 3 years and there is already 3 games, while halo has 4 [5] games related to the trilogy or part of (can include halo wars too, so you guys wont diss me) and has been 10 years.

Jaces2954d ago

I don't really agree with the whole yearly game concept, but if it's good and worth my money then I have no problem with it.

The only thing it hurts is my wallet and my massive stack of back catalog games. ;P

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Bathyj2954d ago

I must admit, I havent been following this title at all and know nothing about it.

In the beginning I thought it was an online multiplayer offshoot and thats why I've ignored it I guess.

It seems pretty and I enjoyed the first two games, I'm just wondering why this isnt AC3.

young juice2954d ago

because it has ezio in it. they originally want ever AC with a number to have different ancestors of desmond. but ubisoft said there was a lot of demand to see more of ezio.

va_bank2954d ago

I never finished AC1 or AC2 due to technical problems with both games on PS3. I read somewhere that they are fixing these this time, but no way I will believe this until I hear it from players, not reviewers.


i never finshed AC1 due to constant crashing its unacceptable to be able to release games in that state, but i got AC2 for a present and luckily had no issues so i will be picking this up as liked the story

Quagmire2954d ago

Damn this game is gonna be awesome, GOTY Contender second year running for franchise!

gamingisnotacrime2954d ago

AC2 was such a HUGE leap forward from AC1, if they balanced the combat mechanics in broytherhood, oh boy assassins unite, this game will be a blast!

oh there is free dlc in the PS store already, weird but i have it already and cant wait for the game to release

Krugsy2954d ago

I don't care if a game comes out yearly, as long as it's a good game and some effort has been put into it. And I don't think Ubisoft has been overly bad this Gen, there's certainly worse cough*activision*cough. I really enjoyed Scott Pilgrim, AC and the Tom Clancy games.

va_bank2954d ago

UBISoft is the second worst this gen. AC series were the only well-received games they produced.

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