Sonic Free Riders Review (Xbox 360/Kinect)- Gameplaybook

Is the third time the charm for Sonic's futuristic racing series? Sadly, no.

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Buff10442927d ago

Gonna pass on this one.

8-bit2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

This is all that comes to mind

Well... I guess I would be lying if I didn't say this comes to mind to.

The-Tentacle2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

LMAO funny videos :)

OT: this is just a rehashed version of that old ps2 game for the eyetoy. Seriously it's the same damn game just wearing sonics skin.

Edit: ANTGRAV thats what it was called, thanks for the edit 8-bit.

SmokexFFx2927d ago

Is there any reviews for the Adreniline Misfits yet?

butterfinger2926d ago

was just hoping to cash in on the Kinect launch. Why do they feel the need to constantly run the Sonic franchise further into the ground? At least there appears to be hope in Sonic Colors.

Godmars2902926d ago

Hedgehogs are digging creatures...

SmokexFFx2926d ago

^pftt laaaame.


I with they would focus on the gems they keep abandoning, Shenmie/Skies.

tigertom532926d ago

It's just an option review, there are some review that rank it pretty high, I think the biggest complaint is the nav on the menu..

Redempteur2926d ago

it's notr kinect fault ( even if it dodn't help ) it's just that ree riders sonic sucks ...

ComboBreaker2926d ago

Kinect's fault and Sonic Rider's fault.