The Kinect Hacked to Enable Multi-Touch on the PC

I’m starting to think hackers are having more fun with the Kinect than gamers are. Here’s yet another Kinect hack, this time enabling Microsoft’s sensor bar to act as a multi-touch peripheral…on the PC.

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blitz06232929d ago

Well that didn't take long


And shouldn't take long in first place, it's just an IR camera, not much different than the IR camera that's inside the Wiimote, and hackers have been doing it with Wiimote for ages now.

The only difference here is that the IR sensor is precise enough to recognize body (heat source) from background (as you can see in the image the difference in color/heat isn-t that much), but even thich that, if you want to be really precise, you better use an IR pen or something like that.

Now what I really want from both MS and Sony, to actually make a 3D that makes any sense, is upgrade the head tracking tech. Just look at this!

We went from this:

To this kind of possibilities:

And it's totally kinect compatible (I couldn't find a video) as any cam will do if they have the right software (what all big 3 already have), just a question of implementing it to games without major memory sucking.

jzungre2929d ago

doesn't look like it works very well....

LordMarius2929d ago

This is what MS should be focusing on

lzim2929d ago

This and delivering wedge (as an associated technology for Kinect).

"I’m starting to think hackers are having more fun with the Kinect than gamers are"

d'uh. they are having more fun with 360, just like we did with Xbox.

Bathyj2929d ago

Yeah, Kinect could do alot of interesting things if it werent so busy boring gamers with shovelware.

I know, I know, BathyJ the troll is at it again right, but its not just as much a dig at the current software situation, but an acknowledgement that Kinect could have a really bright future if M$ takes the right direction.

Boils down to this, it would be a shame if they left it up to hackers to do all the cool stuff on it. I remain still unconvinced, but optimistic.

Moonboots2929d ago

Yes, I'm sure my 7 year old would love to be able to do multi-touch on her PC than jumping around and playing the games..

I know, I know.. the world revolves around you and every 15-24 year old who thinks of nothing but themselves.

Bathyj2929d ago

Pardon me for expecting games companies to look after gamers. Especially since I've only been giving them all my cash for 3 decades.

What has your daughter contributed besides "Daddy, look at me jump."

Denethor_II2929d ago

Sadly using it for anything other than shovelware shite won't sell, but I see your point.

chaosatom2929d ago

Just sell it to the PC market for half-price and it will make good money.

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alee2929d ago

If there was any sound on the video, I didn't hear it.

Anyway, I suspect that the most interesting things people do with Kinect hardware on a PC won't be with games.

testerg352929d ago

They need to add this to NXE.. show some little hands so you know where you're at.

Raikiri2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

This shows AGAIN that it's not as inaccurate as people think it is.

eggbert2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

of the movements....?

It's not laggy enough to be a huge problem in this video, but it's enough to be a problem in games that require precision such as FPS games.

That said, this reminds me a lot of a Move Tech Demo from a few months ago where they did the exact same picture moving/rotation/resizing thing with the PS move controllers.

I assume Microsoft is going to try to head down this route though. It works for simple tasks, which is probably what most people with Kinect are expecting anyways.

@ disagrees
What are you disagreeing with? The movement is choppy, you can't really deny that.... Like I said though, it's not a problem for a scenario like this.

And the PS move did have a tech demo doing the same things shown in this video, the whole image manipulating thing is just a good way to show motion controlling works I guess.

So I guess you're disagreeing with me that Microsoft is going to try to add motion controls to more of it's user interfaces? They've already got the kinect interface up, and they are probably going to patch it to smooth things out/add features later on.

gigaware2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I disagree because you're spinning this video suggesting what is going on in this video is consistent with the Kinect hardware and Microsoft's Xbox software for it. Then you go on to regurgitate PS3 fanboy myths



I'm sorry but we're talking about navigation and if you really owned one or used it where it was properly set up and in the environments it was designed for you would know there is absolutely no issues with basic tracking function. To say otherwise proves you know nothing about what you are talking about. It's basic tracking is impressive with point on point accuracy and current full body 3D system software and game software is also impressive granted some game software is more developed so to speak.

3D full body motion is a different story you guys are spinning into the stealth attacks and that depends on the developer. Owning all the games for it I can tell you some games have no lag while others do. Kinect can't lag the software for it does, different devs will have different results while they learn to develop for it.

Kinect is so accurate with basic tracking all you have to do is rotate your wrist to navigate. Same as a mouse in speed and accuracy.

getem2929d ago

Found that demo and posted it as a gigaware reply

gigaware2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

If you have not used Kinect running with Microsoft's Xbox software why do you even comment? Clearly you don't know what you are talking about.

Anyways Kinect will sell a hell of a lot more now.

Looks like basic operation 3DV Systems were demoing 2 years ago with Kinect's ancestor the Zcam before Microsoft purchased the company.

ExPresident2929d ago

I sat and watched a guy play at Best Buy the other day when I picked up Black Ops. He was playing the boxing game that looks like the Wii boxing game. At any rate movements on screen were delayed a couple of seconds after his swings. He was getting clearly frustrated because he had to modify his movements and take longer in between them so that the character on screen would keep up.

It was unfortunately a very poor game to display imo and only reinforced all the negative remarks I've seen about Kinect. Its got lag, there's no denying it.

HeartDisease2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

what, buy kinect so i can resize pictures of trees on my pc? no thanks. my mouse works great for that. besides people only give a shit about what hackers do when it directly translates into free shit for them. buying kinect to do something 100X easier with mouse and KB isnt in that category.

one things is certain, MS is watching this very closely in hopes of figuring out what to do with kinect. there has to be more besides party games, fitness games, dance simulators, and shovelware. perhaps MS even leaked the driver themselves to speed up development for the device. why not get a ton of "hackers" doing your software development/program design for free only to sue the hell out of them once they are no longer needed? cant wait to see halo played on an xbox emulator using kinect.

EDIT: yes i know halo is on pc as well, but that wouldnt be as much fun, cheers

getem2929d ago

Before you claim someone is "regurgitating PS3 fanboy myths" you should do some research first.

Fast forward to the 4 minute mark and watch from there, but I would suggest taking a look at the entire video.

Here are some more interesting tech demo links for you to see as well.

Your Welcome

JasonPC360PS3Wii2929d ago

The choppiness could just be his hands shaking from holding them up in the air for a long time. Hold your hands up and count, now see how long it takes for them to start shaking. 5 sec for me.

BillOreilly2929d ago

This is what they need to incorperate. Everything the ipad can do kinect can using the same idea. Photos, games, magazines to flip through, and apps. That is what they need, apps would make it a must for many people.

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