Kinect Adventures Review (PlanetXbox360)

It’s really hard to review any sort of pack-in game. After all, what choice do you really have? If you’ve purchased the Kinect, chances are you’ve already gotten Kinect Adventures, a game that comes free with the unit as a way to show players just how it works. And if you try to trade it in, chances are you won’t get much for it, unless you find someone who managed to pick up the unit and somehow didn’t get the game. Despite the argument for the trade in opportunity, after playing Adventures for a little while, we can honestly say that we could’ve been stuck with worse. Kinect Adventures contains five main activities in all – the leak-plugging 20,000 Leaks (what are we, Dutch?), the river rafting adventure River Rush, the wall-dodging Reflex Ridge, the 3-D Breakout-style Rallyball, and the cute outer space bubble popper Space Pop.

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UltimaEnder2955d ago

For a bundle-in title it's fantastic....agree with the review 100%....