Save 5 Bucks on This Year's Hottest Games

E4G: Lord behold we all love our flyers. Well, today we received from from the Real Canadian Superstore showcasing all of the holiday goodness including the electronics.

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Hayabusaman2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

people are so entitled these days, you act like 5 bucks is no big deal probably because you never ran into hard times... I suppose if you could save 55 you would care, but 20 or 10 or 5 only affects certain people... The value of a dollar son... learn it!!!!

Shuklar2954d ago

You can save $55 dollars. It's called not buying mediocre games. Steal them instead!

tacosRcool2954d ago

A whole $5? That'll make me rich buying there games!!