An Interview On Mobile/Handheld Gaming With Eric Nguyen Of Anuman Interactive

Ever since the iPhone and Ipod touch arrived the mobile and handheld gaming market took a huge jump. Both independent and established companies benefit from producing aps on the Apple marketplace, and the business is just as profitable as producing games on platforms such as the Nintendo DS or Playstation Portable. There is no doubt that the Apple market place is more accessible to indie developers than other handheld systems, and thus emerging companies are beginning to reap the benefits.

Anuman Interactive are one of the companies quickly gaining success from iPhone and iPad development. In 2009 the company acquired Microids one of the world leaders in the adventure games segment with international bestsellers such as Still Life, Syberia, Dracula and Amerzone. In this interview I speak with Eric Nguyen the marketing director for Anuman interactive. In the interview he discusses Mobile development, advice for aspiring developers and the Android OS.

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