Joystiq: THQ president talks up new $40 sales model, building a user base

THQ president Brian Farrell has some bold ideas about the future of the gaming industry's profitability. While speaking at the recent BMO Capital Markets Conference, Farrell explained, "What we're thinking about the business is we're turning it on its head a little bit," later adding, "It's not, 'how high a price can we get', but 'how many users.'" Farrell then described THQ's vision for capitalizing on that policy: As revealed in September, THQ hopes to launch the next entry into the MX vs. ATV series at a lower price point, and rely on DLC to bring in the big bucks.

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FantasyStar2955d ago

If they're going to intentionally sell a shorter game then well...I can't say much. People want to feel like they're getting their money's worth. But people overall want to feel like they're getting a good deal as selling a content-rich, feature-rich game at an attractive price will get anyone thinking about your product.

Imagine a game like Fallout 3, Uncharted 2, Red Dead Redemption or Halo 3 for a minute. We all know how feature-rich and content rich these games are. Now imagine these games debuting at only $30-$40. Who's going to blame the developers when they want to release DLC to an already "complete" game already?

Then you have a game like Assassin's Creed 2 with 2 Memory blocks intentionally cut out to sell later at DLC. Or worse yet, Halo Reach with an intentionally short selection of MP/Firefight/Invasion maps and they want to release new maps for a premium.