Stunning Mortal Kombat Sub Zero Vignette Trailer

GR - Learn more about Sub Zero's past in the new Mortal Kombat Sub Zero Vignette Trailer

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pedrami912957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Atleast, i think it's this one.

EDIT: Strange, i thought gameranx's video got removed, it's working now though.

Blaze9292956d ago

wow, i totally forgot there was an incoming mortal kombat game

Valay2957d ago

This is one of my most anticipated games.

Ripyealip2957d ago

yea its mine too the story is gonna be POTATOES!!!

seraphcaeli2956d ago

2D is the new 3D11 Whats old is new again!

Larry L2956d ago

I don't know how "stunning" this video is, but still kool. Mortal Kombat is right up there with Killzone 3, Dragon Age 2 and RAGE as my most anticipated games of 2011. And out of those MK is the one I most look forward to playing.

Silly gameAr2957d ago

These vids are pretty cool. I hope they do one for everybody.

Nariko-20112956d ago

Sub-Zero and Scorpion are the reason I still game today...oh and Nariko

Buffniceguy2956d ago

100 times more exicted for this then MvsC3.

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The story is too old to be commented.