Greenberg disses VGChartz

Yesterday VGChartz indirectly revealed the initial sales estimates for Kinect in the United States which were much lower than expected. Aaron Greenberg responded by flippantly dismissing them. If the numbers are incorrect, Microsoft and/or Mr. Greenberg need to dish on the real numbers instead of just flippantly writing these ones off.

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AstroZombie12955d ago

Until MS start doing the numbers themselves it's like the pot calling the kettle black.

Death24942955d ago

C'mon Microsoft, how many Kinects did you really sell then? Seems like this is a trend when it comes to Microsoft. Try something that's already been done with heavy rebranding and fall on you face miserably.

tigertom532955d ago

I don't know but hardware is a lot harder to produce then game titles on a disk. the real comparison would be against the move. I know that at most stores they are sold out ..

Death24942955d ago

My local Best Buy and Gamestop both have them in stock. I know only 3 people who've bought this thing.

RELAX2955d ago

in my gamestop all is soldout