GameInformer: Everything You Want to Know about the New Xbox Controller

This week, a new version of the Xbox 360 controller released with gray buttons, tweaked analog sticks, and a d-pad that transforms between a plus shape and a traditional Xbox platter style. GameInformer spoke with senior industrial designer John Ikeda all about these changes.

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Yi-Long2931d ago

... why this doesn't just become the new STANDARD controller!? (like, right away? It's better than the one we have now, right?)

kaveti66162931d ago

The reason why is quite simple. There a ton of 360 SKUs on shelves that have the orignal standard controller. If MS starts putting this refined controller in their new SKUs, then people will all want to get the SKU with this controller, and the other SKUs will be ignored, and MS will be forced to drop the price on the other SKU bundles. It's a business issue, as always.

Motorola2931d ago

Very smart ^ makes sense

Blaze9292931d ago

on top of that, you can't just force change on millions of gamers on the one thing that's the same experience for everyone - the controller. They're starting small to see how consumers like it and no doubt, they will eventually replace all controllers if the response is good for the new design.

gamingdroid2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

First off all, that problem will always exist of clearing out old SKU so that is a non-issue. MS did it with the previous console refresh to slim and they have done it numerous time on internal hardware upgrades.

The issue is changing a controller design mid-cycle and forcing it upon a lot of users isn't necessarily the best approach. You might just upset a lot of customers that are used to the old design (despite the fact that this is likely something that is well received considering how bad the d-pad was).

Better approach, make it optional and see how consumers receive it. Consider making it a standard if it is a hit and/or continue profiting from it.

darthv722931d ago

like the DS3. It was released first then it is now the pack in controller.

Actually, that has happened to almost all consoles if they have had a controller revision. The best would be the original DS as compared to the non analog original PS1 controller. Second best is the original xbox replaced by the smaller controller S.

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XANDEO2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

It will become standard on the next xbox i bet

edgeofblade2930d ago

Went out for mine at lunch. Much better. It's got a grippy texture, the d-pad is much improved... but it's still got the mildly mushy feeling and it's not as clicky as some people might desire. It's still the best version so far. But seeing it without colorful buttons is surreal, like watching Pleasantville.

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Terror_B2931d ago

Best controller ever made.

The PS3 controller is a joke compared to this.

Why hasnt Sony changed the basic design of its controller since the PS1, even though the focus on controlling games has shifted from the D-pad to the analogue sticks? Why havent they made it ergonomic? Why did they tack on gimmicky motion controls trying to copy the Wii? Why are the triggers so bad even though the triggers are important? And why do PS3 lames actually try to claim its a good controller? Denial maybe?

The people that have designed the PS3 controller should lose their job.

Thoreau2931d ago

is this your first gen of games, ps3 has the best controller

Nariko-20112931d ago

But you are smoking very old grass if you think ps3's controller is better than x360's. No way no how...take it from a recently dual console owner

shazui1232931d ago

@ nariko: But I have both consoles and I think the DS3 is better... The dpad is MUCH better on the ps3 and it's more form fitting for your hands which means a lot to me, I think the 360 control is just unwieldy however I do prefer it's analogue sticks (but only by a fraction). Just my opinion anyways :)

n to the b2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

"The PS3 controller is a joke compared to this."
"The people that have designed the PS3 controller should lose their job."

no need to go looking for a fight, -bubs. although I definitely favor the 360 controller and am not aware of the dualshock winning ergo awards.

Tito082931d ago

Maybe losers like you can't play with it!!!!

VenomProject2931d ago

"The PS3 controller is a joke compared to this."

*snicker* Loser.

Akagi2931d ago

Ha! Ps3 controller is second only to Mouse/keyboard.

Motorola2931d ago

Ive been with the DS since my start in gaming on the PS1. no way I could ever use anything else. Not even a nonSony PS3 controller feels right to me.

ijkabob2931d ago

I'M SORRY I COULDN'T HEAR YOU OVER BEING ABLE TO RUN AND USE THE D-PAD AT THE SAME TIME! (via holding the left analog stick forward with my right thumb)

Also ya those triggers are SHIT. I bought real triggers though so it's all good.

Anorexorcist2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

You know why? Because you don't fix what isn't broken. You're the joke Terror_B

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n to the b2931d ago

I like the gray finish but not the gray face buttons, think it would look better with the standard red-blue-green-yellow.

lukewind2931d ago

I never really had a problem with the current d-pad, but then again I dont play many 2D fighting games.

RememberThe3572931d ago

I love the DualShock but it needs tweaking. Frankly I'd just want them to correct that triggers (L2/R2) and give the stick a little more grip.

Bounkass2931d ago

Agreed. Imo just the triggers need adjusting, bending outwards, and fullly usable. Current triggers start working at about 40%. Not at 1% for example. And the griggers, they need dents in them, just like the "old" XBox 360 controller has. Or a lip, like the new XBox 360 controller. Imo lip + dent.

Bnet3432931d ago

I want that too. Get Xbox 360 controller triggers and make the analog sticks stiffer. PS3 controller would be perfect. For Xbox 360, the DPAD was the only problem for me but they need to change the RB and LB clicky buttons. my RB got smashed in and won't register when I click it.

Bounkass2931d ago

I have just ordered an XBox 36 controller like this, I will be putting XBox 360 analog sticks in my DualShock 3 controller. I hope it works!

LF912931d ago

I think the ps move trigger button should be L2 and R2 on the dualshock 4

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