CVG: LittleBigPlanet 2 - Can It Compete with Mario?

LittleBigPlanet 2 has been delayed until next year. That's Christmas ruined then. But on the evidence of CVG's recent playtest it'll be well worth the wait

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MariaHelFutura2957d ago

Mario is 20+ years old. Has cereal, Tv shows, clothing, lunchboxes, backpacks, movies etc. to go w/ the games.

Sackboy has the most potential to become a world recgonized character in the same way Mario is but it`ll take time. Little Big Planet 1 and 2 are a great start.

VersusEM2957d ago

but who would win in a fist fight

maniacmayhem2957d ago

Mario would get that flame flower and burn Sackboy's sack.

Quagmire2957d ago

1 "Who would win in a fight between Mario and Sackboy?"
2. "Sackboy"
1. "But Mario can use the flame flower and burn Sackboy's sack"
2 "You forget, Sackboy can turn into anything"
1. "But...-"
2. "-ANYTHING..."

weegee2957d ago

we all know who is really in charge here...

johnthe5th2957d ago

Don't look into weegee's eyes!! Oh, the horror... N4G isn't safe anymore...

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ico922957d ago

Mario has been a household for like 25 years , LBP is fairly new, overall its up to sony to make Sackboy a mascot/ gaming icon, but its up to sony to market it in that way, just like how sega and nintendo pushed mario and sonic

number472957d ago

Sackboy has a better chance than Banjo Kazooie

multipayer2957d ago

Sackboys key gimmick, is to dress up like other characters so they're not sacks of nothing... That said, I'm sure the shadow boy from limbo and the blob from dragon warrior are next in line to take the throne from mario.

sofocado2957d ago

"Sackboy has a better chance than Banjo Kazooie"

I think Banjo & Kazooie have a better chance. I hope Rare is working on the next B&K.

badz1492957d ago

and mario's key gimmick is that he can do everything and Ninty puts him in almost every game they publish and that's kinda CHEAP!

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VersusEM2957d ago

There both extremely fun, and addicting, that said, I'm am hype about LBP2

MonkeyBoy922957d ago

Agreed! I can't wait for this game, maybe because I regret not taking full advantage of the first. I always got enthusiastic about creating levels yet when I went create a level it kind of felt overwhelming, and i just sucked at creating levels lol. Good think the community is a lot more creative.

redsquad2957d ago

They're both on totally different systems.. Do they HAVE to compete?

DAS6922957d ago

They have to compete...

Nuclearfish2957d ago

Mario can be made in LittleBigPlanet 2.
I guess that answers the question. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.