No custom rims on standard cars in Gran Turismo 5

More sad news about Gran Turismo 5

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Red_Orange_Juice2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

standard car is standard, self explanatory

Cevapi882873d ago

everybody does realize that you can still change the rims on every car in the game, you just wont be able to customize them on standard models or am i the only one that got that

Cenobia2873d ago


I am scarred for life. That abomination will haunt my dreams until the day I die.

lodossrage2873d ago

Don't bother man. Most aren't reading right and they aren't comprehending what's ACTUALLY being said.

Information Minister2873d ago

PD probably thought that dynamic day/night cycle, variable weather and a track editor were more important than custom rims on every car. That sounds like a pretty good excuse, considering they did not have unlimited resources. I doubt their budget came anywhere near half a billion dollars.

BABY-JEDI2873d ago

Genius best laught all day thanks

ShinMaster2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Yes you can change your the wheels.
But you can't customize them.

BTW it's not 6 years. GT5 development started after 2006.

nickjkl2873d ago

wait if im not mistaken gran turismo 5 prologue came out between gran turismo 4 and the upcoming gran turismo 5 how many people skipped prologue though and why

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arragionthegreat2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

I thought he was sarcastic ,.. so I lolollololed
now I am not sure ,.. so I lololol even more because he is trolling,..

who gives a rats ass,..
nit-picky bastards,.

Well I better cancel my pre-order then. Game is a total shit now./s

MAJ0R2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )


GT5 will still be awesome

arragionthegreat2873d ago

no dude,.. It is ruined ,.. I'll even start emo-cutting myself...


49erguy2873d ago

I didn't care about changing rims in GT4, and it's no different now.

Instead of releasing info on what you CAN'T do on used (standard) cars, what CAN you do? Hopefully custom paintjobs.

Crotin2873d ago

go play Midnight Club if you want drive Escalades with 22s in a damn racing game

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Jamegohanssj52873d ago

Honestly who gives a fuck aboot rims? It's not like it's going to enhance the speed of the car. If you want rims, then go play midnight club or need for speed.


The Maxx2873d ago

Actually Rims can have an impact on a cars performance. There are many different types or rims and weights to those rims.

Forza is a great example. There are hundreds of rims to choose from and depending on what type of car you are looking to customize could also have an impact on the rims you choose. If you are looking to make a show car, then you just look for the rim you think visually looks the best. If you are looking to make a light weight vehicle, then you look for light weight rims. Also, the type of rim could change the car class your car is in, so messing around with something as small as rims, could effect the weight thus effect the class you car belongs in.

So yes, rims can enhance the speed of you car or the class your car can compete in.

Tunerboy87322873d ago

In Forza 3 adding lighter aftermarket rims could weigh up to 45 pounds less than the stock rim increasing performance like acceleration and handling.

nycredude2873d ago

What kind of Rims do I need to install to do this?:

Check out the "great" damage model in the second video!

CleanUP-CharliE2873d ago

Gran Turismo 5 *The Real Driving Simulator* and Forza should not be mentioned in the same post.


Zeevious2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Those are Standard Material Diffusion Rims made out of a Phasing Molecular Polymer that reduces friction by moving through a material, instead of on it.

Clearly from the video, they need to check their tire inflation.

A common mistake is to fill these tires to a 42PSI air pressure, when for a stable phase differential, it should be filled with a standard 55-element grade Caesium Gas.

Oh out for the spare tends to fall right through the trunk!

Narutone662873d ago

no wonder Turn 10 could afford to release Forza series very often, because 360 fans can tolerate those kind of glitches. I guess that's what make their game fun to the 360 gamers.

RedDragan2873d ago

So what you are saying is that Forza 3 thinks that new Rims will save off the weight that is comprable to half a woman?


Bear in mind that these cars already come with Rims. Wow... I never realised the Audi TT had wheels that weighed as much a fat american!!! /s

The Maxx2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

I find it funny that Jamegohanssj5 asks a simple question and is answered with no hostility. The subject being rims. And then the Sony faithful come running in with comments and videos that have NOTHING to do with the conversation about rims.

So many insecure Sony Loyalists. I received 18 disagrees yet not a single 1 of those disagrees were able to write a simply comment as to why they disagree.

And nycredude, why are you showing Forza glitches? What do they have to do with the topic of why rims are a valuable asset to a car?

I can show GT5 glitches as well. If you think GT5 is going to be glitchless then you are an extremely ignorant and a blind Loyalist.

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Sackdude2873d ago

Its 5 years not 6 (2006-2007-2008-2009-2010)

learn how to count you ido.....

AtatakaiSamurai2873d ago

remember though, the PS3 came out at the end of 2006 so that's actually 4yrs not 5 :)

ArcFatalix2873d ago

Kaz didnt think it was necessary here so gtfo

Bathyj2873d ago

You're about 12 or 13 years in the making from the sound of you, and yet still deeply flawed.

Nariko-20112873d ago

Didn't translate so well on screen did it?

XabiTheHumble2873d ago

your just stupid

dragon822873d ago

That translated perfectly on screen. Its also the funniest thing I have read all day.

The Wood2873d ago


made sense to me too

ShadowJetX2873d ago

is why it's so funny. I'm guessing you didnt't take grade 12 lit and opted for comprehensive writing right?

Bathyj2873d ago

Haha, that went better than I could have hoped for.

Thanks Nariko.

Heres another pearl for you. 100 Billion sperm, and apparently you were the fasted.

Boogles the mind.

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Nariko-20112873d ago

Wow. So missing the point bro. Custom rims affect performance!

arragionthegreat2873d ago

ahahahaha !! funaey !!
+bubs !!!

The Wood2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

i musta missed your comment yesterday..

if yo lived in essex you'd probably never say that but lol all the same

number472873d ago

you can still swap wheels... news from Gaf & GTplanet always gets molested on its way out..

I guess this makes Forza fans happy though?

psman0122873d ago

Oh no, no custom rims! Oh god, this game is SO not worth the money!


PS360fanboy2873d ago

Seriously, who cares about this?

beardpapa2873d ago

who cares?

seriously. it's a driving game. I don't care if TDU2 doesn't have custom rims or body kits. It's a driving game.

People here still stuck with the "I wanna be riceboy" mentality or something?

Will your virtual custom rim give you +50 hp to boot and make you get hotter azn chicks?

Since when did GT become Riceboy Turismo and since when did PD become obligated to require custom 'everything' in the GT franchise?

stevenhiggster2873d ago

Boohoo, if you want to put Chrome rims on your car, go play NFS. I won't even see my own cars wheels! Why the feck would I care? GT isn't about modding cars. (face meets palm)

Scotland-The-Brave2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

oh noes, im cancelling my preorder

zeddy2873d ago

theres still 200+ cars with custom rims plus plenty more through dlc. no worries here.

Strikepackage Bravo2873d ago

you can change the rims in ALL the cars in Forza3, just saying.

Sunny_D2873d ago

everybody does realize that you can still change the rims on every car in the game, you just wont be able to customize them on standard models or am i the only one that got that.

Read it, Memorize it, Eat it.

BARF2873d ago

doesnt matter anyways as i wont be buying this game. car games are for little kids. this game is just a piece of shit in a shiny wrapper.

N4Great2872d ago

"More sad news about Gran Turismo 5"

Crying fangirls generation.

@units and others xbox's fans, did you know ? you have to buy a ps3 to play gt5 !

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cyborg2873d ago

that kinda sucks. It was in gt 5 right?

PirateThom2873d ago

No custom painted rims, but you can still change the rims like GT4.

Again, determined from GT Planet.

jizzyjones2873d ago

OH NO The Horror, I really wanted pink rims on my Golf GTI.

bananasNmonkeys2873d ago

Kazanuri must not like pimp my ride.