What’s Next for Call of Duty?

GrE writes, "So Black Ops is here, and lo, there was much rejoicing in living rooms and frat houses alike. Despite Activision’s conservative predictions that it won’t meet Modern Warfare 2‘s numbers, it’s certainly clear that plenty of people out there are still interested in the franchise..."

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crunchychocobo2954d ago

Ugh, so sick of Call of Duty games. Maybe the next step should be to move on.

lociefer2954d ago

another call of duty with a diff name

bgrundman2954d ago

the sad part is that you are completely right. I wish they would just give it a year off.

roblef2954d ago

Frakkin tired of realistic war shooters. Can we do ANYTHING else with this much talent and cash?

starven2954d ago

I am more excited for Donkey Kong than this. It is another shooter, and we get that reviewers found it great, but c'mon.

bgrundman2954d ago

But if they were not to make another COD Game, what franchise would Activision start to milk next? They better stay away from my Diablo...

wondroushippo2954d ago

If they mess this up, I am going to be furious.

Saryk2954d ago

They can do what Battlefield done, something futuristic.

bgrundman2954d ago

Wasn't that Modern Warfare was to begin with?