Max Payne 2 vs. Stranglehold graphics comparison

German gaming site PC Games compares the graphics of Max Payne 2 and Stranglehold.

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TriggerHappy4120d ago (Edited 4120d ago )

Max Payne looks good for a 4 years old? game however, stranglehold character has better facial animations than Max Payne.

TnS4120d ago

Do you mean 4 years old? :)

TriggerHappy4120d ago

Yeah for a 4 year old game, the lighting looks amazing compared to Stranglehold or maybe bad shots ?

MK_Red4120d ago

I actually think Stranglehold has better lighting according to these pictures, specially the first one.
It has both of them shooting but Stranglehold's light has affected not only the character but the envirement and also, check out the window with superb volumetric lighting in right side of screen.

JsonHenry4120d ago

The Max Payne 2 screenshots are from the PC version. The PC version looked 10x better than the xbox/ps2 versions of the day. Not to mention those Max Payne screenshots could be running at a resolution of 1600*1200 whereas Stranglehold is only running at 1280*768.

Neither console is truly next gen this time around. Yes the visuals are a little better, but BOTH consoles are starved for RAM. 768megs-1gig of system ram should have been the bare minimum this time around for consoles.

djt234120d ago

wow i cannr believe max pay 2 still look good and stranglehold look better to me
i miss up max payne you was best looking game back then

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MK_Red4120d ago (Edited 4120d ago )

Superb find. Max Payne was a superb looking game and is still beautiful after all this time.

It's kinda funny. Max Payne copying John Woo movie Hard Boiled and Hard Boiled movie sequel in form of the game Strangehold copying Max Payne.

kewlkat0074120d ago

but I'm just saying Max Payne looked tight back in the Day, I mean look at it compared to Next-Gen 3-D graphics...

Now these are two games you can compare all day...

Isn't the Max Payne developers working on Alan Wake game?

BloodySinner4111d ago

Keep in mind, Midway made this game (Stranglehold). No one should expect anything ground braking from this company.

kn4120d ago

Then compare... They don't even come close in person. MP2 was a great game and pushed the PS2, but the current version (the demo) plays much smoother and has a lot of things that aren't apparent in these shots.

HeavyweightInTheGame4120d ago

I don't really care about the graphics. Max Payne will always be the best of this style of gameplay. Sucks the third got canned.

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The story is too old to be commented.