Bits 'n' Bytes - Bayonetta: Sexy, Sexy Feminism

The author shares her opinion on the action game Bayonetta and its controversial titular character, discussing why she’s a strong female lead and not just pretty eye-candy.

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STGuy10402957d ago

Bravo! A wonderful piece.

AceofStaves2957d ago

I don't agree with the author. I find female characters who defeat their opponents the same ways that men do to be far better examples of strong female characters, since they succeed in doing things the way warriors do, male or female. Isn't that the crux of feminism itself, "equality" with men?

Agrias from "Final Fantasy Tactics," Fang from "Final Fantasy XIII," Yuna from "Final Fantasy X" are strong female characters, capable of defeating their enemies on an even battlefield, and not having to use sexuality to do so.

Do I consider Bayonetta an 'homage to femininity?' No. It's an 'homage to male views of female sexuality.' There's nothing wrong with it, but claiming she's a 'better' female character than Lara Croft simply because her sexuality is weaponized seems a bit off the mark.

Perhaps, though, I'm from a different generation of women than the writer. For me, feminism may mean something quite different than what it means to her.

nix2956d ago

*adds AceofStaves as friend*

bluebogle2956d ago

Though your views are respected, many schools of feminism exist, with no single one claiming a monopoly on feminist theory and ideology.

Simply because the author subscribes to a different school of thought on the subject doesn't mean it isn't a valid perspective, but simply a different one.

Many women of the same generation also have differing views on the subject. There has never been a time when all feminist theory could be applied to a whole generation of women. From its inception as a movement in the US it has had differing views and arguments within its ranks, as any great school of thought should have.