2007 Fall PC Preview

Summer's almost over, which means a few things: football season is about to kick off, the TV networks are rolling out their new shows, and we can live without fear of lousy movie sequel blockbusters for another nine months. But for us, it mainly means a flood of new games on the way, and this year's crop is poised to be one of the most impressive in history, especially on the PC. To help you keep track of everything, GameSpy is kicking off this holiday weekend with a look at some of the biggest PC games coming this holiday, wrapped up with a handy calendar so you don't miss a beat.

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MK_Red4070d ago

The ones that I want are also coming for PS3 and 360 and I will get the console version since my computer is really old and the only PC exclusive that I want is the Witcher and to some extent Hellgate London. (Once it was my most anticipated title but after so many delays I've kinda lost interest)