Rumours: Rock Band Makers to be sold to Activision

It wasn't so long ago when an analyst for Activision suggested that the only way for Guitar Hero to remain both successful and economically viable was to purchase video game rivals Rock Band. Activision could have their wish granted as surprising news broke this morning that Harmonix, the creators and makers of Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Dance Central could be sold.

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sinncross2955d ago

aw man... that would just hurt competition in the music games department...

Pennywise2955d ago

That would be horrible. I support Rock Band, but not if this is true.

blackbox23422955d ago

As above I agree with you, it would be devastating for Rock Band but I've got it on good authority that they are one of the potential buyers.

Viacom are likely to sell to the highest bid as there are looking to make a quick buck rather than safeguard the future of the franchise.

Hopefully we'll sold to someone else anyway fingers crossed.