Heavenly Sword Review

Nariko's antigravity hair finally arrives for the PS3, but does she have more than just a fancy 'do?

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FirstknighT4122d ago

Almost every site has said 6-7 hours. But sony fanboys have added another whopping 22 hrs to the gameplay. This game makes Gears of War look like an RPG.

cloud3604122d ago

Thats why it got low scores its short... huh... no wonder. i always thought it had crap graphic or something....

I dont play games less than 100 hours plus.. thats why i play very few, unless its a franchise like Ratchet and Clank.Fortunately for me all FF games are 120 hours +

ReBurn4122d ago

You don't play many games then, do you cloud?

CRIMS0N_W0LF4122d ago

Gears of War is 5hrs long. How is that an RPG?

ktchong4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

Stranglehold is SIX hours. SIX!

Seriously, that's $60 for 6 hours... I would rather go see 6 movies. 6 movies are 12~15 hours for $60. And I don't need to put down $250~$600 first for a console to watch the movies.

Rageanitus4122d ago

Gradius V on ps2 I only got 40 minutes game play.

Man I got ripped off. (with your logic)

nasim4122d ago

how come this bast*** BOT isnt banned

Your game GEARS was only 5 hours

Your TWOWORLDS got 2/10 from GAMESPY

you garbage BOT

GS gave this same TWOWORLDS a 7/10----this proves the claim that ur GS is a BOT magazine

BTW bioshock moved 0 units last week...yea thats right 0 extra x360s

Ur GAYLO has 0 preorders in EU and JAPAN.

september is already a killing field for SONY with WARHAWK,LAIR and HEAVENLY SWORD

I am playing LAIR btw and i have 0 issues with the controls

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MK_Red4122d ago

Hopefully the game sells enough and they make a better and longer sequel. (I love this game no matter what scores it's getting)

Daishi4122d ago

Yes, much better looking than Drakes Fortune. I would much rather have a short game that I love than a long game that's just looks tedious to play. So really you can say it's about 7 for the first play through and about 5 for the second making it 12 hours all together.

immortal_cries4122d ago

Very good review. Though I too wish it was longer, this is a must have for myself. I loved the cutscene in the demo. Plus she is nice to look at.

Btw, why is Firstknight always talking crap? I mean, to be the first to post on a game (system) that he doesnt seem to care for. Odd really.

gEnKiE4122d ago

It seems like this game isn't seeming that bad anymore. It seems like decent reviews just keep poring in now. Better than the Lair reviews ive been seeing, thats for sure... :(

kingjkv4122d ago

The reason games are short, is because companies are dishing their games to the market ASAP because they want to make money. Just because games take a long time it may seem, doesn't mean it's long, they were just spending their time polishing it. But i'm still getting this game, because i have a job and can afford one easily. And will be playing this over and over.

Rageanitus4122d ago

Most companies are not like Blizzard where their games are beyond aaa Value, so they have the luxury to spend their time

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