Unreal Tournament III Preview

Epic have always been conscious about the fun factor: no spawn queues, no reloading and no expanding target reticule. Getting the player to the fight and giving them the biggest, baddest guns is their priority.

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s8anicslayer4127d ago

in this months issue of psm mag they state that ut3 has been announced as a ps3 exclusive,i havn't seen this posted anywhere else but it doesn't say timed!

Vojkan4127d ago

was it running on pc or ps3

Lifendz4127d ago

the site is pcgamer and I don't believe they mentioned the PS3 once in that article.

s8anicslayer4127d ago

i don't know it didn't say!

reaferfore204127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

I think it's timed. Xbox gets it next year if I remember correctly. You would think with all that extra time the Xbox version might be better, but they have less space to work with so who knows. I'm sure it won't have as many maps, but they should be downloadable off of Xbox live. (Hopefully for free?)

This game should be the one to show which system has better graphical capabilities.

Does anyone know if this game runs @ 1080p on PS3?

stunt2134127d ago

they said that the 360 version might have less map because of the limited space.

Dmack794127d ago

but I'm still getting it for PS3. Along with Haze, Killzone2 and Call of Duty 4.

Lifendz4127d ago

But the graphics for UT look insane. It's a definite pickup for me along with COD4 and Uncharted.

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