Gran Turismo 5 PS3 pre-order sales climb at retailer

Pre-order sales for Gran Turismo 5 Collector’s Edition for the Playstation 3 increased this week at retailer Inc due to strong demand for the sequel.

This week, Gran Turismo 5 Collector’s Edition held a 29 percent sales increase to rank at No. 131 in Amazon’s Video Games division.

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blackburn52952d ago

Sony, release the GT5 Kraken and destroy the disbelievers in it's wake!

Christopher2952d ago

I chuckled a bit. #131? I guess we have different definitions for what "strong demand" is. Not that I expect GT5 CE to do as well as your typical CE for big name FPS games, but still... this is actually below my expectations so far.

Sylmaron2952d ago

Watch the heat build up.

tatotiburon2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

lol is not even in the first top 50...this game is supose to kill everything this holidays or next year?

GT is one of the big franquise out there, why preorders for gt5 are so lame?

Ares84PS32952d ago

Do you know what that means?

You think that every single PS3 owner is a racing fan?

I like GT myself but never been a huge GT fan. I will however buy this game but probably not first day.

I know at least 5people who will also buy this game but have not preordered it.

You can't compare an exclusive games preorder number to a multiplatform games preorder number.

MeatPopsicle2952d ago

"You can't compare an exclusive games preorder number to a multiplatform games preorder number."

5 million in sales just for the GT Prologue demo.

Previous games have sold in the 10 to 15 million range.

Graphics that make other racing games look a generation behind.

Features and content unmatched by any other racing game.

Yep, it's totally gonna bomb!

Ares84PS32952d ago

I'm pretty sure it will sell well but you can't compare this to multiplatform titles such as CODBO....which I'm sure tons of people(360fangirls) will try to compare it too since it sold 7million copies first day on multiple platforms. What they don't relize is that GT5 will most likely outsell every other exclusive game on every other platform...and I'm confident that it will be the biggest exclusive game the PS3 had so far....and maybe it will remain so in the near future. We have to wait and see how Killzone 3 does.

MeatPopsicle2952d ago

Sorry Ares84PS3, that wasn't meant for you.

Chromer2952d ago

Because we have no definitive date for when GT5 is exactly coming out troll. Go back to playing Scrabble with your 360 and telling it what a good boy it is. Leave the adults to the conversation, alright sport?

KillerPwned2952d ago

This made me chuckle. Bubbles to you.

garos822952d ago

that you wont be able to play the game

athlon7702952d ago

look a bit closer and you will notice this is for the Collectors Edition of GT5, so considering not every PS3 owner is going to want this particular version of the game, having the increase in sales and the current ranking is not too shabby. Show me any special edition of a game that ranked in the top 50 and I will be impressed.

Can anyone find what the current ranking on Amazon of the regular GT5 game is?

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

You guys are listening to the worst Xbox fanboy of N4G?

Just ignore him. Is one of the most ignored users, I just added him to my Ignore list too.

He is just jealous.

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KillerPwned2952d ago

Got my collectors edition preordered from amazon cannot wait to get it. I hope the exclusive cars go for high prices on ebay.

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