PC Gaming is MMO’s. And That’s All She Wrote.

With the barrage of MMO's already dominating the PC market, looking forward in PC gaming's just MMOs.

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gillri2958d ago

apart from The Witcher 2, I couldnt less about the PC exclusives as I dont play MMO's,

LBP2 and The Last Guardian are more creative than any PC exclusive next year IMO,

CombineElite2957d ago

There is so much more to pC gaming than just MMO's. That's like saying the consoles are only FPS.

Darkspore The Path Diablo 3 Stronghold 3 The Witcher 2 Torchlight 2 Natural Selection 2 are some of the AAA non MMO PC releases for 2011

Letros2958d ago

Mmm, Guild Wars 2, SW:TOR (KOTOR online anyone?), 40K: Dark Millennium are all going to be good times.

Then there's some hybrid-MMO stuff like FireFall which looks incredible.

I'm still waiting to see what Blizzard is working on for their next MMO, hope it's shown soon.