GamerNode | Call of Duty: Black Ops sells more than anything ever

The numbers are in, and it looks like Call of Duty: Black Ops is officially the biggest entertainment launch of all time, trumping Avatar, any of the Halo releases, and anything else anywhere ever in all of mankind's history.

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tsunami9012951d ago

I just hope they continue to support the game, unlike IW.

GLoRyKnoT2951d ago

You'll get support in the form of more $15 map packs! maybe $30 each this time & I'll bet ya 36 million that Activision will never give ya a free anything! Oh how rich bastards get richer:P

OT: Congrats! But 2me it's World at War part 2:P - MW2 is a better game.

popzara_press2951d ago

It would be nice if just one gaming website would delve into what 'facts' like "biggest entertainment launch of all-time" actually means instead of simply re-pasting the same tired, played out story over and over again.

It's a well-tread road by now, but is there anyone out there that didn't expect to see this 'story' days after the game's launch? Higher prices, higher-priced bundles, accessories, etc, should result in bigger tallies in the end. But direct comparisons to the movie, music, etc, industries all null and void with proper comparison numbers.

Then again, I may be asking for too much from these 'journalists' to exercise a little more cranial resources than simply hitting the copy 'n paste buttons. Tired, lame, and little more than a vacuum of interest. Enjoy your unique visits....