Black Friday Toys R Us' Video Game Deals

Toys R Us' Black Friday ad has leaked out and it's got a bounty of video game deals for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and DS available for shoppers. Note that the retail store has three separate windows for deals though from Thursday evening to Friday afternoon, early Friday morning to Friday afternoon and Thursday evening to Saturday at close.

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MMFGaming2627d ago

Buy 1 Get 1 for $5 on select PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii games -- that one is badass!

Queasy2627d ago

Yep. Surprisingly there aren't any crap games there. Maybe the new Cabela's game but that's it.

Cheeseknight282627d ago

Definitely getting Fable III, with either Hot Pursuit or Goldeneye for cheap.

Shang-Long2627d ago

360 fans lucky guys id get fable and halo.

nothing on the ps3 side id get. black friday deals sux for far. only thing i found was fifa 11 for 40 bucks (ps3)

DirtyLary2627d ago

Hello no I'm not going to any stores that day.

Show me some internet deals.

Myst2627d ago

I'm with you. Don't want to step foot out of the house knowing what it's going to be like.

labaronx2627d ago

amazon, bestbuy and walmart for the best internet deals, gamestop too

AKS2627d ago

I tried it once not knowing how people behave and had my ankle ran over with a shopping cart by a pack of raving loons. I'll just stick with amazon and newegg.

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Dday1412627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

Man they let me down. Usually Toysrus has a "Buy 2 games, get next game half off thats $40 or less" sale around late november. What the hell is this crap?

rapidturtle2627d ago

Was hoping for a good deal on PS3 Move Bundle. I guess I'll have to wait for BB, Amazon, or Walmart.

commander2627d ago

black friday is a gathering of idiots. Smart ppl shop online.