Eurogamer: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Hands On

"New hairdresser discovered!" When this message flashes across the bottom of the screen in the middle of a time trial, you know you're playing a unique (and some might say, uniquely French) racing game.

You also know – if you didn't already – that it's a sequel to the inimitable Test Drive Unlimited, and that Eden Games' unusual preoccupations haven't changed a jot since that rough diamond was released back in 2006.

This is still a racing game that's as much about exploration and glamour as it is lap times and racing lines; a game where the customisation focuses on your threads and cribs rather than your cars' decals and differentials; a game with Second Lifestyle pretensions of persistence and wish-fulfilment. Here, your avatar isn't just a silhouetted crash helmet – it's a sexier, better you.

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