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Raikiri2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

So it didn't beat halo: reach's Day 1 afterall.

Halo: Reach: 3 million on 1 console

Black Ops : 5.6 million on 5 platforms (PC,DS,WII,PS3,360)

wohoo2952d ago

Who knows how even the sales were. I'd say there's the slimmest chance still.

The real question is, do we really care? :) Both games are selling well.

Dizko2952d ago

This is relevant to my interests.

InfectedDK2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

The title only sold around 6% of its sales on Wii, DS and PC..

Great sales anyway!

No it DID beat Halo Reach. If Reach were on the PS3 too the 360 fanbase wouldn't care that much of the title anyway! So, Raikiri your comment is very random.

If Heavenly Sword 2 were made an PS3 exclusive instead of multiplat Enslaved it would have sold way better too.

Heck even Tekken 6 would have sold better if only on the PS3.

Game-ur2952d ago

Last time i checked Acti make money from PS3 and PC, so they count.

Anyway this third time in row VGChartz are debunked officially by Sony MS and Acti.

InfectedDK2952d ago

It's not THAT valid (VGChartz). BUT it gives an indication that it sold way less on the PC, DS and Wii.

"... Xbox 360 takes the largest proportion of sales with 59%, 36% for PS3 and the remainder on PC, Wii and DS"

TOO PAWNED2952d ago

u dare to mention Vgzhartz after they "reported" that it sold 7 million on day 1? Go hide in a corner.

Raikiri2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

lol ''it's not THAT valid''

7 million vs 5.6 million

Can anyone give me a VALID source that the 360 version alone sold more then PS3,WII,DS and PC combined?,Cuz only then it could have beaten halo: Reach's day one.

Masamori Sumimura2952d ago

bunch of morons fighting about

Activision makes Money out of this and that Reach sold this and that Vs this and that.


IHateYouFanboys2951d ago

@Raikiri: "Can anyone give me a VALID source that the 360 version alone sold more then PS3,WII,DS and PC combined?"

i know its not a real source, and im not pretending its an exact science - but within 24 hours of release, there were 3-3.5 million people playing Black Ops online on Xbox Live. that gives you at least some indication of the number of copies it sold on the 360.

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Omega42952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

To be fair they are talking about the US and UK only, and even though they are the biggest regions I think the rest of the EU like COD more than Halo.

Although I think its safe to say it would definitely be close.

I agree with you about COD, after playing 10mins of COD2 back at the 360 launch I've never played another COD and probably never will. Halo on the other hand is a lot better imo but that said I still haven't got round to completing Reach yet.

Hellsvacancy2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Both COD and Halo Reach r rentals imo

I dont see the big fascination with the COD games, their fun for a week or two online but thats as far as they go, people will now play Black Ops pretty much EVERY day now till MW3s out next November, oh dear

Guess im more of a team based player, Bad Company, Team Fortress (dont play TF anymore) etc,

And yes, i WILL b buyin K3, it looks SUPER!

PS360fanboy2952d ago

VGchartz reported 7 million...

Game-ur2952d ago

More like guessed, I think they relay on a psychic squid.

bmw692952d ago

Read the article - 7 million worldwide, 5.4 million USA+Can+UK compared to 5.6m for Activision

Anon19742952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

@ bmw69. Show me in the article where it mentions VGChartz. Maybe you should read the article.

Even if VGChartz was somehow able to miraculously get close to actual numbers - the think the other 99.8% of the time they're not even close (they are just a fan run site who don't have any concrete sources, what do you expect) should really stop most thinking people from using them as a source for anything. Even Greenberg ripped on VGchartz on twitter yesterday. No one in the industry uses them, no one quotes their numbers, no one takes them seriously. It's a fan run site. Get over it.

djhsecondnature2952d ago

With 60% of sales being on 360 and these figures being from just NA and UK, that's a total of 3.36 minimum.

walker012952d ago

Thats bad logic.

You have no point

NnT32912952d ago

Xbox takes 60% of sales, I think it's around 3 million on the 360 day 1

Christopher2952d ago

There's a problem with your logic, Raikiri -- you don't know how many bought it for their PS3 when if it was exclusive to the 360 would have instead have bought it for that. I don't know why we keep treating everyone as if they only own a 360 or a PS3.

What we do know is that CoD is the best selling third-party IP on HD consoles this generation. We also know that Treyarch is finally out from under IW's shadow.

nycredude2952d ago

I'm proud to say I am not one of those 5.6M.

2952d ago
cyborg69712952d ago

Wtf does reach have to do with this? Dbag.

Jake3602952d ago

But everyone who wants Halo, has an xbox!!!

Anyway, well done for selling so many games, shame that Black-ops online is unplayable on my PS3! Back to Fifa 11.

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KillerPwned2952d ago

Now i swear i just seen an identical article saying the game sold 9 million hmmmmmmmm?

Dizko2952d ago

Your paradoxical words make my head implode.

Simco8762952d ago

Next year MW3 is going to be even bigger.

djhsecondnature2952d ago

Next year won't be MW3 will it? Isn't it the Sledgehammer developed CoD?

Shackdaddy8362952d ago

Ya. And I really dont think imma gonna buy from Sledgehammer. CoD is already starting to get kinda old so when you mix in a brand new dev that is probably gonna skrew something up, then it just adds up to a bad game.

Thecraft19892952d ago

IS there any of old staff at infinity ward staying on to join sledgehammer team ?

evrfighter2952d ago

It sure doesn't help when you see
"Cod Multiplayer now free with every copy of Cod sold"

be grateful it's free is I guess what they are trying to say.

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