Spector: Epic Mickey is "the best-looking Wii game ever"

Nintendo Universe writes:

Whilst anticipation is rife for Junction Point and Disney Interactive Studios’ upcoming title, Epic Mickey, it would seem that creative director Warren Spector is more than proud of what the development team has achieved. Even going so far as to state his belief that the title is “the best-looking Wii game ever.”

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MaN_uTd2873d ago

It sure is! Kirby is good too >__>

Seedhouse2873d ago

Kirby's art style is amazing. Can't wait for Epic Mickey though!

phatak2872d ago

unfortunately thats not saying a lot

showtimefolks2872d ago

there is only one question how long before it comes out on ps3

and not hating on the wii just saying because the motion controllers are so similar taht this could work

come_at_me_bro2872d ago

I believe Epic Mickey was originally planned to release on 360/PS3 before they switched focus to Wii exclusivity. Despite this, Spector has gone on record as saying 360 and PS3 ports are definitely possible. I wouldn't be surprised if ports get announced six months down the line.

Regardless, I couldn't care less. I'm excited to play this on whatever system it releases.

jarrod19812872d ago

your right. it would be great n ps3 cause move is pretty much the same as wii so hopefully it will get released. i think it would sell enough to make it worth while

Rampaged Death2873d ago

I think Epic Yarn and Galaxy 2 proves him wrong.

Samus HD2873d ago

Spector says that because he is the creator

sarshelyam2872d ago

...Galaxy 2 is a recycled gem, there's really nothing "new" here.

Epi Yarn is a beautiful game in terms of its style, for sure. It isn't, however, pushing the limit of what the system can do.

na-no-nai2873d ago

its look great but not as great as some of Nintendo games

Seedhouse2872d ago

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is one of the best titles for me, but Epic Mickey is certainly looking to a great addition for the Wii

AKS2872d ago

Other than some of the best level designs ever?

tunaks12872d ago

it does have high production values,
hats off to Junction Point.

Toman852872d ago

Have preordered this baby :), im getting this for Christmas if this game comes out this year of course :)

A great addition in my Wii collection!

sarshelyam2872d ago

November 30th to be precise!

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The story is too old to be commented.