K2 Network Buying APB Rights? is reporting that US-based videogame company K2 Network has purchased the rights to APB, the Realtime Worlds-developed MMOG that was shut down in September.

The site says an official announcement is forthcoming, and that the deal is in the region of £1.5 million.

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NYC_Gamer2956d ago

this game should have always been f2p

pcgia2955d ago

Well I hope it does go back online, I personally feel that it was a good game and that it got an unfair boycotting / backlash from the gaming community. Sure it had it's issues but overall it was well done and fun, not to mention that over time they would have added new content frequently.

Gamers are far too critical, spoiled winer's these days and to quick to jump on the "bashing" bandwagon.

It never had a chance the way, this site included , every website/blog bashed it for it's downfalls. Rarely ever highlighting the good things and giving the devs the benefit of the doubt on making improvements over time.

NYC_Gamer2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

the game was one expensive product that was made poorly....

pcgia2955d ago

Right, sorry, I'm on my iPhone and meant to add in agreement with the op comment. That it should have been free to play after you purchased it and keep the micro transactions for added income.

I've bought worse games for the same price minus the monthly / pay to play route.

I don't think it was that poorly made though in all honesty, it has/had many good things about it.