Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 - Which Should You Get for Xmas

NextGN writes: "Not an early adopter of any this generation’s gaming consoles? Thought you might wait until the price drops and the content grows? Well that time is now. With the holiday season fast approaching and both consoles packed with great features, peripherals and an extensive library of games – the only question left to ask yourself is 'what console should I buy'?"

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NYC_Gamer2928d ago

PS3 would be the better option in my opinion....

two reasons

seij5552928d ago

Most definitely. The ps3's line-up next year is unbeatable. The 360 is just heading in a casual direction. Anyways the ps3 gives you more bang for your buck with blu-ray, internet browser, and larger hdd.

2928d ago
Parapraxis2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

drkcharizard , "PS3 has few exclusives "??? You must not pay attention to PS3 releases. Also, can you play Resistance 1/2, Gran Turismo, Uncharted, Motorstorm, Killzone 2/1, Demons Souls, Heavy Rain, Infamous, MGS4, God of War, R&C, Warhawk, etc on PC?
"PC emulator"...durrr I think not.

360's graphics overall are good, and many multiplats have a slight edge, but "overall" the only thing that tops PS3 is a high end PC.

Better online features is easily debatable, I think free is better and x-game chat and party systems are not worth 60$ a year.

sales =/= quality, also PS3 has more core games I am interested in than the Wii, and a lot less shovelware.

Also a quick glance at metacritic and you'll see more higher rated games (green score) on PS3 than Wii. Wii has 169 PS3 has 289
And about the same number of exclusives that are highly rated. Not sure which Wiiware games are exclusive, but it looks like PS3 has more high rated exclusives as well. Sorry bubs, but you fail.

plenty a tool2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )


wrote especially for n4g.

the problem is, no one outside of this web-site will read this or even care about it....and they especially wont care about the opinion of 90% of n4g's community.

the fact is, no matter how many blogs like this that get wrote, or no matter how many people say the same, or list certain things about a certain console. in the real world it will not change anything!!!

when will people realise that being a keyboard warrior on n4g doesnt change anything in the real world! no one except the most hardcore care or even know about n4g... and those are the people that have already bought their consoles.

parapraxis: do you even know the meaning of the word?? i was just explaining to the usual suspects how little they change by writing the same rubbish, and posting the same pointless lists, eveytime they see a wrote for n4g crap blog.

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Parapraxis2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

@drkcharizard, clearly I struck a nerve, you need a hankie?
The "you fail" wasn't a personal attack, I was pointing out the obvious fail of your poor arguments.

I did check meta, where do you think i got the figures from? (ps, I counted them)
The only person who is not willing to verify claims is you.
I don't expect you to counter any points I made because you can't, it's that simple.

vsr2928d ago

Money spending online = xbox360.

But most of fanboys repeatedly buying xbox.

If sony bundles PS3 + Bluray-Game Hybrid, It will be the santa of christmas

gamerdude1322928d ago

Uncharted 2:

Yeah... real shitty game, huh? All the critics said it sucked with a 96 average.

Killzone 2 Man, that game was the worst one in recent history with a 91 average and 14 perfect ratings!

LittleBigPlanet 95 average score and one of the

Resistance: Fall of Man
Resistance 2

Averages of 86 and 87, respectively.

Score of 85. Hmm... SHOCKING, isn't it?

So, as you can see, the PS3 has some of the worst exclusives known to man.

Gears of War
Score of 94.

Gears of War 2

Halo 3

Forza 3

Yeah... sure...

darthv722928d ago

If someone already has a 360, getting a ps3 for xmas is a good idea. Same for a person who has a ps3, get a 360.

If they have both already, get a wii. There is only good times to be had by enjoying multiple consoles.

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8-bit2928d ago

Xbox or PS3.. Depends if you are casual or core.

The box has core titles as well but Kinect is pushing casual while PS3 is pushing core exclusives. Multiplats are no reason to go with 360.

darthv722928d ago

360 has games for both hardcore and casual. It isnt so much the direction MS is heading as there are still both types of games being released.

Same for the PS3. There are games for casual and hardcore. If you are basing your assessment on sony pushing hardcore games then you are mistaken.

The success of the playstation brand has not been centered around a single type of player. It has been a mix of many types of genres for all types of players.

Even MS knows that. They saw how sony did it last gen and are doing their best to follow a business model that worked.

lovestospoodge2928d ago

the one with exclusives next year. i mean core exclusives...
and before anyone throws gears at me. read where i said core exclusiveS*

vhero2928d ago

The articles says it all he lists the most popular exlcusives of next year to be released

Coming late 2010 – 2011 to PlayStation 3:

Gran Turismo 5 (Racer)
Killzone 3 (FPS)
Resistance 3 (FPS)
LittleBigPlanet 2 (Platform, Creative)
Infamous 2 (Action, Sandbox)
Twisted Metal (Action, Racer)
Socom: Confrontation (TPS)
The Last Guardian (Adventure)
Motor Storm
Agent (Action, Sandbox)
Yakuza IV (Action, Sandbox)
Motor Storm 3 (Racing)
White Knight Chronicles 2 (RPG)

Coming late 2010 – 2011 to Xbox 360:

Forza IV (Racer)
Gears of War III (TPS)
Project Gotham Racing 5 (Racer)
Kingdoms (???)

Hmm count the numbers.. Getting 360 this late on in its life for core games if you have neither is silly now. Ms no longer care about core gamers and its a lot more money in the long run not to mention the lack of 3rd party hardware thanks to MS tight control. I love the fact I can put a 1tb HDD in my ps3 if I run out of room for £60 360 can not only go that high but if it did it would probably cost in the region of £150..

Ares84PS32928d ago

SOCOM: Confrontation is already out. SOCOM 4 is comming soon.

It's not Motor Storm. It's Motorstorm: Apocalypse....and you listed it twice.

PS360fanboy2928d ago

Wow, you must have that on a notepad so you can copy and paste evertytime you want to troll.

Besides, you always leave out the games people point out to you everytime you do that.

Christopher2928d ago

Honestly, if you don't already own one, I'd hold off until six or so months when we get a better view of where both are heading with regards to motion controls.

If you already have one, it's a matter of just choosing to support the one you already play the most.

gigaware2928d ago

Not surprised a site full of the most extreme PS3 fans the gaming industry has even seen in all generations would be praising the PS3.

cr1361242928d ago

@ gigaware
I would say "full of the most extreme fans"

Look at the posts leave in this site and you will see all camps are kind of the same.

stuna12928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

And look who's here to point them out! I hope you included yourself as one of those extreme fans?! Opps my bad I forgot you only like kinects, and anything Xbox 360 related./s

himdeel2928d ago

Wait what...I do prefer the potatoes over the stuffing for Christmas. What?!? The questions was about having a PS3 or 360 for Christmas! That's dumb! Why would I want either of them over, they don't bring anything but that damn fruit cake over every year :[

wenaldy2928d ago

Should I buy another PS3? :)

Long live 60GB fat PS3!!!!!

KiLLUMiNATi_892927d ago

I'll say it's your choice. Both are great and it depends in what you looking for.

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vhero2928d ago

You have proved already you already got one so your view is meaningless here.

plenty a tool2928d ago

and you have already proved that you have a ps3, so your view is meaningless also.

dtrain212928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Definately the 360

two reasons:
COD:BO superior version

Sparticus_12928d ago

Did you seriously just list those 2 idiotic things for reasons? WOW!!

jony_dols2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

That your opinion, but I would prefer to buy a PS3 and get Killzone 3 & Move,

and then use my G27 steering wheel with GT5 over Xmas, and then maybe get Black Ops on the PS3 and play with my mates online for free....

Although the shadows are better in the 360 version of Black Ops....hmm tough choice

Parapraxis2928d ago

I'm only seeing one reason, and it's a multiplat game.

Looking forward to Gears myself, hopefully there will be something else.

MajestieBeast2928d ago

cod:bo cause you pay to use your own internet?

LarVanian2928d ago

The superior version of a game from a tired franchise and a game system that causes injuries and doesn't work half the time. Yeah great reasons man, Microsoft should hire you as a salesman I mean it wouldn't be like them to use multi-plats as exclusives, right? :)

stuna12928d ago

You should just go and hang your head in shame!

Thegamer412928d ago

Your comment actually made me LOL.

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yoghurt2928d ago

Depends what you want out of your gaming really, it seems as though msft are heavily heading in the casual direction now, with kinect and not many hardcore games, new ips or 1st party devs, other than gears, halo, forza? any other big hitters?

sony on the other hand have opened up to casual with move, but also heavily support 1st/2nd party devs with games such as god of war 3, infamous 1/2, uncharted, resistance, gt5, lbp, killzone, twisted metal, agent, warhawk/starhawk, last guardian, heavy rain, and so on, for any dedicated gamer there really is no better place to play the high-end exclusives

just my opinion of course!

Convas2928d ago

Honestly? If you have the cash to lay down, get both. I know I would. In a freaking heartbeat.