Xbox 360 topped console sales in October - analysts

CVG: According to Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter and EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich, Xbox 360 was the clear frontrunner last month, ahead of DS, PS3 and Wii.

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happyface2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

xbox360+kinect domination for the next few months

good luck sony

if sony starts to fall behind by 5 mil again they'll firesale MOVES and ps3s to catch back up, they wont let themselves get owned again

nix2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

if kinect is the case, that widens the lead between PS3 and 360, then the fanboys might as well stop playing the 'number of sales' games.. because it will be just like Wii. every hard-core gamers ignores it because the system just doesn't have enough core games games as the two.

already, the PS3 excels in softwares. there is not a single game in other systems that can match the quality and variety PS3 offers.

gamers will soon realise that. personally they should have realised it by now but i heard fanboyism can cause blindness.

i only own PS3 and i'm least bothered as 360 moves even more aggressively towards the casual market... because i know i'll get my dose of games. 2011 is gonna be a back-breaking and finger numbing year!


Lawliet2952d ago

"Michael Pachter"
Good luck Microsoft you might need it with the guy analyst always go the opposite way.

edhe2952d ago

imo if the 360 screams ahead and the ps3 loses it's gains recently then sony will be biting the bullet on the ps3 and will have to consider the ps4 to regain market dominance.

raztad2952d ago

I find the party some xfans are having here because Patcher predictions LOL worthy.

Just look at edhe post. PS4?? LMAO.

It is still fresh the predictions of xbox outselling PS3 last quarter and see what really happened. PS3 came on top outselling xbox for a wide margin worldwide.

AAACE52952d ago

I highly doubt that as I have little faith that these motion controls will take over! I think most gamers will get them to try them out and then go back to the regular controllers. I have already started seeing Kinect and Move show up on Craigslist and such.

As much as I don't want to buy into the motion control thing, I will probably be getting Kinect, because my wife and kids want it! As for me, i'll probably continue to play games with my 360 and DS3 controllers.

plenty a tool2952d ago

lets not forget the little party the sony fanboys had on here when they thought the ps3 was on 1 or 200k behind the 360!!

i hate these sales bullshit threads, but dont forget, that fanboys on both sides love themm when they favour their console

Death24942952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

to Micheal Pacter. You might want to look a little closer at the statements. Since when was the last time Pachter was right? You're just a little too naive to believe this. Also these aren't concrete numbers, these are estimates according to sales analyst. Jokes on you guys

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Raikiri2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

I predict that the gap will be at about 5 million again by christmas and continue to widen


they will give away millions of PS3's and Moves?

Silly gameAr2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Hey did you check the PS3 numbers? Looks like it hasn't stopped selling after all. With the way you guys hype of the extra sales, you would expect the 360 to be selling at least a million more than the PS3 or the Wii every month but it's not.

Don't you guys realize that? The 360 is doing well, but even with all of the marketing and media buzz, it's not blowing either console out of the water. Not by a longshot. They're all doing well.

You guys refuse to see the bigger picture. The 360 sales are great, but the PS3 sales aren't slowing down. But enjoy this shallow "victory"

stuna12952d ago

Since the US=The world! On a different note, what you all think about the weather we're having?/s

Belasco2952d ago

Please stop using the US=The world statement, everyone knows this. Thank you.

dtrain212952d ago

No surprise there and will continue to dominate

Chaos692952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

PS3 fanboys are mad at you.

Simco8762952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Actually its not a surprise. When you think about where the Xbox is going (Going Casual) then its not a surprise at all. People bought the system to gear up for Kinect, and now they are getting Kinect and enjoying the experience.

I am happy that you can get excited about the way Xbox is going... If I was an Xbox owner I would personally be pissed about the direction. But hey, PS3 is going to be here for you, when you want to play some adult games.

gamingdroid2952d ago

Actually, I'm happy with the release of Kinect. Kinect ushered in a new era of interface and I love controlling my dash controller-less and using the voice command.

Can't wait for the next update that hopefully fully integrates Kinect into the dashboard!

From what I can tell, the haters are usually the ones that don't own a Xbox 360!!!

maxcer2952d ago

"If I was an Xbox owner I would personally be pissed about the direction"

if that's what MS wants to do then so be it. i had many years of great gaming from my 360 and will drop it as soon as the day comes when MS throws in the "core" towel. some of us have minds of our own. i already have a ps3 so im set. after gears3 we'll see what's up. although i think MS is going to bring out the next console soon.

Omega42952d ago

MS should also give some indication of how Kinect is doing when they release their numbers too.

green2952d ago

Outselling the DS even if it is in one territory is a big achievement. Now back to Dance Central.

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