Top Five Most Hand-holding Games This Generation

360 Magazine: Some games take all the fun out of playing them by leading gamers by the nose...

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soundslike2952d ago

the worst is when scripted events are supposed to make you feel in danger...yet you can't do anything to NOT survive the "danger" removing the whole point of a danger event in the first place.

Don't forget that the reboot of Prince of Persia is no worse than assassins creed. Its a game focused nearly completely on acrobatics...yet you can instantly be "amazing" at the game by holding a few buttons. Pathetic. Even games like Half-Life managed to have fun platforming sections and they weren't EVEN BASED ON THE PREMISE OF RUNNING AND JUMPING AS A SELLING POINT.

At least someone wised up and made Mirror's Edge to show people they'd been noobing things up, maybe EA should make Mirror's Creed.

Gawdl3y2952d ago

I think MW2 held your hands more than Black Ops.

RonRico2952d ago

Also, Enslaved was pretty bad.

riksweeney2952d ago

Batman was quite annoying for that. Towards the end of the game it was still telling you to enter detective mode when he hinted that there might be clues.

Telling you exactly what to do against the final boss was quite annoying too. Just drop minor hints such as "find a way to pull the Joker off the ledge" would have been fine.

soundslike2952d ago

humans do have brains, although I guess the retards in focus groups don't. Beating vamp in mgs4 felt so good...because I figured it out on my own, the game didn't tell me how to do it I had to remember something Naomi said and use the syringe. I would imagine a lot of frustrated noobs going online and finding out how, without even TRYING to use the thing inside their scull that allows them 2 lyke think n stuff

mac_sparrow2952d ago

I too enjoyed the fight with vamp, just like I did the sorrow in mgs3. Best thing is I have a friend who also played both and spent over 35 minutes on the sorrow, and over 4 hours fighting vamp. The call I got for help shall be remembered as one of the funniest phone calls of my life.

gamerdude1322952d ago

Where's Dead Space in this list? I swear, all you could do is "Isaac, go flip that button, ya fucking retard". The reveal near the end was even more of a kick to the balls. No deviation and no other decisions to make. Just go there, do some bullshit, repeat ad nauseum.

jeeves862952d ago

Not only that, the game would tell you exactly where to go if you pushed a button. It was like having your own personal GPS system.

jjank112952d ago

Who cares, everyone has GPS and cell phones these days. Who uses their brain anymore?!? LOL

But seriously, Prince of Persia was cool, I saw it as more of an artform and didn't mind the hand-holding because of that.

Instead of CoD Black Ops, why can't we just categorize any FPS game that has aim assist in it. It takes out most skill. I'm still dumbfounded at this point in the FPS genres life that aim assist even plays a part anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.