Call Of Duty Black Ops: Weapon Guide

NowGamer take a closer look at each of the primary weapons available in the game, as well as the best places to use them...

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BattleAxe2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Just bought the game today, and its just not as good as the previous 3 CoD games. The graphics have been taken down a notch, the spawn points are rediculous, and the weapon acuracy is not the greatest. The points system for buying guns and attachments wasn't needed, the maps lack character and the zombie mode from the one map I've played lacks atmosphere compared with the WaW maps. Overall, the game feels dated. The next CoD is a no-go, especially if theres a subscription or a whole bunch of micro transactions.

AllroundGamer2953d ago

sadly true, i'm being constantly owned by SMGs, even if i have a stronger assault rifle or a light machine gun (also at long distances), this game is just broken even more than MW2 IMHO.

DARK WITNESS2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I know and that is really, really Fu£%king me off about the game at the moment.

I have fired 3 bursts, sometimes more into guys across the other side of the map with Aug or M16 and got hit markers while they spray and cap me with what feels like one or two hits from an smg.

close range is even worse, there is just no winning with anything other then an smg. only the Fammas seems to stand any chance at all.

I don't really have a favorite weapon at the moment. I have always been an AR guy, in cod4 it was the M16 in MW2 it was the Fammas, I like burst fire guns.

I can't do anything with the those guns and my KD is horrible. I have tried all the others except the commando which I only have 2 more ranks to unlock.

it's the only issue i have with blackops at the moment ... and the downgrade in graphics.

AllroundGamer2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

i was a big fan of Famas in MW2, but here it is just crap like any other assault rifle. Lately i found the Stoner (the last one) light machine gun the best (cause i don't want to lower myself using those SMGs...), just use extended clip and give it a go. Still my problem with BlackOPs is, that you have to camp (i think everyone noticed the massive usage of claymores) to have a good KD, which is not my kind of gameplay :(


@ AllroundGamer

totally agree..

To show you how much of a difference it is in terms of gameplay..

My KD in cod4 was 2.65, my CD in MW2 was 2.26, my KD in BKOPS is 1.36 which I consider in my book really really poor. I have also resorted to camping a bit ( again something i never use to do ) and using claymores. I have had 5 kills with claymores, in cod4 and MW2 I have zero because I never used them at all.

my friends and team mates have kind of said just pick up the smg and get over it, but I am kind of like you, I just refuse to. when I have tried I have done better but felt like a bit of a retard doing so.

It kind of goes against my principal when it comes to playing cod because I have always said just adapt. in the other cod games I would pick up an smg if I had too or any other weapon. it's just really frustrating when I know I have got the drop on someone, shot them 2 or 3 rounds in the back with the M16 only to have them spin round and spray and bam ! I am dead. as bad as cod4 or MW2 could be at times, I can honestly say if you had your back to me there was no way you were walking away from it.

r1sh122953d ago

hardly a weapon guide.
The best weapon guide will tell you gun statsm reload time et..
Search for it, its like the MW2 charts but its still being updated.
Google it, the most damaging weapons are on there

marichuu2953d ago

FAMAS + Extended mag. <3

#1 - Accuracy not good enough? I think it's piss easy to take people down... especially with the FAMAS. You can basically spray and hit everything.
I've only played MW2 on the Xbox360, so I can't really compare it to Black Ops on the PC (which I'm playing).

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