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MultiConsoleGamer2873d ago

Wow this is huge. Major implications for the music gaming genre.

MaideninBlack2873d ago

I just hope Activision doesn't snatch up Harmonix.

sinncross2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

I'm thinking Sony 'may' consider.

I heard that selling Harmonix includes the RB IP. So Harmornix could easily be used to widen the Singstar franchise (Singstar Guitar just got released in EU) which would allow London Studio some breathing space to work on The Getaway, and Eight Days.

I don't expect Sony to bite on this, but it could be an interesting venture.

Interestingly enough, Harmonix developed Eyetoy: Antigrav so Sony could use them for PS Eye/ Move development.

NYC_Gamer2873d ago

EA might be in line to buy Harmonix....

Raikiri2873d ago

To who and why? rock band franchise is very succesfull and it looks to be the same way with Dance Central.

Maybe Microsoft bought it because Dance Central is the killerapp for kinect right now.