Microsoft launches Kinect and Xbox LIVE across South Africa with a bang

Lisa writes:

"What do orange Barberton daisies, green and purple suckers and orange apricot sweets all have in common? The answer is quite simple really, they’re all the Xbox 360 colours and were lavishly spread out at Tuesday’s launch of Kinect and Xbox LIVE at the Urban Tree venue in Johannesburg, South Africa."

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Scelestus2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

You call that a bang? I've seen more bang at a narcoleptics convention. On the other hand every time there's a bang in South Africa everyone hits the decks.

Nariko-20112927d ago

Well done...
This is actually a 1st for SA, none of the console makers make a huge fuss about our country when it comes to launches and what not. I've yet to see a single ps3 or xbox game advertised on SA television. At least Mario gets airtime once in a while around here.