Resistance 3 Interview – The Uncut Edition

Play Mag: The full and uninterrupted Insomniac interview originally printed in Issue 198 of Play

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Ginbe2957d ago

No more interest in this saga.

There's a plenty of new and original FPS coming in 2011/2012.

Resistance Sucks.

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THC CELL2957d ago

ginbe name 2 that are coming for xbox

AtatakaiSamurai2957d ago

People were clear in their responses to you.

The 360 has NO exclusive FPS next year while the PS3 has atleast TWO. So yeah while their are plenty of FPSs coming next year to many gaming platforms, the 360 has nothing exclusive while the PS3 fans have atleast TWO.

even the most highly anitcipated puzzle multiplat fps with Portal the developers already stated clearly at E3 that the best version will be on the PS3 so even with best multiplat fps for consoles is going to be on the PS3.

i just don't understand how people can still support ms xbox360. they say they are shooter fans but the only fps they have as exclusive is halo while the ps3 has MAG, Killzone & Resistance.

ms 360fans are not fps fans, they are just halo fans period.

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Greek God2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Day 1 nuff said

NeoBasch2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Was just going to say this. I didn't like Resistance 2 near as much as Fall of Man, but this sounds insanely more interesting than either of its predecessors. And dare I say, potentially more affective than inFamous 2. I like how personal they're creating the story. Sounds like Heavy Rain, but in FPS form. This will be day 1 for me.

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TwistedMetal2957d ago

I cant wait to see what they do with this game.

THC CELL2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

cant wait for this one, i feel they will go all out this time.

And with the help of other ps3 developers this game will be epic
like every other ps3 exclusive.

Did anyone see the film The Thing they should make the game like that. By the way the Thing is one of the best horror syfy films ever dont knock it.

Cenobia2957d ago

They did make a game based on The Thing for the PS2. I didn't play much of it, but it was pretty mediocre.

The movie is one of my favorite films, and I fear for how they'll ruin it with the upcoming prequel.

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