Call of Duty: Black Ops Cheating

The Call of Duty franchise is growing rapidly in popularity, it's the casual gamers nirvana. As of right now Black Ops has been out for less then a 2 days. You can definitely rest assured, your CoD modders are already concocting as many awful hacks and cheats as possible. Modern Warfare has had is overly abundant share of d-bags hacking and cheating their way to victory. Give me a friggin break people, couldn't we have made it at least a month without someone trying to rain on our parade? Well I guess its time for some infinite ammo, never ending napalm strike, Max Prestige pwn artists to ruin any decent gameplay we might have experienced in Black Ops. Treyarch is a reputable and well respected company, they'll fix this right?

Enjoy these sweet videos. <3

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MrMccormo2874d ago

CoD has had a lot of cheaters/hackers/glitchers since Modern Warfare, if not before. And when the 360 got hacked, the number of hackers skyrocketed.

olLANDSHARKlo2874d ago

Check his other post out, he's your typical ebonics talker. They will wonder why they can't get a job, but think ebonics is english, this world is doomed.

TekoIie2874d ago

Im gonna be kind to the hackers... They werent as sad as they were with MW2 since it was hacked day 1. This time it took 'em a while... Oh well i will still have fun playin :)

DarkTower8052874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

So is your grammar.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2874d ago

You live for those small moments don't you. Now that's sad. lol

NickX2874d ago

Over reacting, I've played 15 hours online and seen no cheaters. And I've only been noob tubed twice in all that time. Treyarch wiped out millions of the bastards, so they deserve 10/10 for that alone.

dead_eye2874d ago

I've only been killed once by a noob tube.

CaptainKratos2874d ago

ive been killed twice by a noob tube.

Simco8762874d ago

I am glad these videos are up... Trey can take steps to stop this stuff early

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