Destructoid (the Show): Does CoD: Black Ops Suck?

Today, Destructoid presents their second ever edition of the round table discussion for the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops. You may remember this special format from such shows as KINECTAPALOOZA 2010 and ....well, that's it, really. But they plan to make it a more prominent feature in future episodes, so long as there's something worthwhile to talk about.

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humado2952d ago

Don't know,does it suck?
Should i buy it?
Is it better that MW2?
please answer!!!

TheOldOne2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

its much better than MW2 imo, much more balanced, zombies, splitscreen online etc. But the graphics are worse than MW2s'. Well thats just my opinion.

garrod2952d ago

Why do all the reviews and analysts of this game do this? They go through the aspects of the game say it sucks on many different levels or that they weren't impressed and then they just say it's amazing at the end of it all. I have a hard time understanding how something can suck and be amazing at the same time? And oh my god this game is annoying me so much now. I made the mistake of being excited going out and buying it and I fucking hate it so much! The biggest annoyance is how everyone keeps saying "Oh it's just like modern warfare" its nothing like MW you freaking Nubs! It plays, shoots, runs, and feels like World at war and that game freaking sucked in case people don't remember! The single player is a retarded AI seizure inducing ordeal that's really not that interesting and way too jumpy. And oh my god don't even get me started on the Multilayer. It feels light it's slow paced it's shallow and Treyarch's whole "Oh we made the multiplayer much more balanced in Black Ops" is such a load of Crap! I am so pissed I wasted so much time playing this game thinking "It'll get better" and wasted 80 freaking dollars of my hard earned cash on this.