411 Interview With Deus Ex: Human Revolution Game Director Jean Francois Dugas

411mania: "While at Eidos Montreal I got a chance to sit down and speak with JF Dugas and talk more about Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I didn't have a lot of questions, but JF was amicable and informative enough that I was able to have a really good interview."

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DXM12956d ago

Not Originally said by me, but true none the less:

Deus Ex fans are insane. I know because I'm one of them. If Deus Ex 3 isn't exactly the same as Deus Ex 1, possibly with slightly prettier graphics and more fluid animation, we will go batshit. I might mail someone my left ear. I'm getting angry just thinking about the notion of a game that isn't Deus Ex to the letter. We're all like this, Deus Ex broke our brain in some fundamental way that renders us unable to appreciate anything else without that dark caveat lurking at the back of our minds: "This isn't Deus Ex." Crysis isn't Deus Ex. Stalker isn't Deus Ex. Bioshock isn't Deus Ex. Deus Ex 2 isn't Deus Ex. When Jesus Christ himself returns to save every one of our souls, there'll be a grouchy huddle of pallid nerds muttering "Eh, he's no Deus Ex."