Call of Duty: Black OPS PS3 Community Update

Treyarch JD_2020 writes: Hey PS3 gamers,

We are listening to you and we’ve been busy working on updates based on feedback from the community. We have already deployed a number of updates, and there will be many more to come. Stay tuned right here for all the latest and greatest.

• Multiplayer: Villa - User can clip into rock at west edge of grid zone B2 and see through to the other side (addressed on 9/5)
• Multiplayer: User can get an infinite number of 'Sam Turret', 'Care Package' and 'Sentry Gun' killstreaks (referred to as the “care package glitch”) (addressed on 9/5)
• Multiplayer: Radar sweep when there are only 2 Players left in One in the Chamber will stop functioning if the 2 Players have multiple lives when the sweep starts (addressed on 9/9)
• Multiplayer: Crash when viewing content (films, clips, etc) in the Community & Recent Games menu (addressed on 9/9)
• Multiplayer: Users’ rank and stats can get wiped under very specific conditions (addressed on 9/10)


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scar202960d ago

Nice they are starting to address this stuff but as far as i have been playing i havent encountered any glitches like the care package glitch.

IMChampion2960d ago

Same here, no care package glitch. The only things I've encountered is that it is impossible to play with my friends no matter who the party leader is and we are in The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.

And the textures looking like crap in the mp portion while the Zombie and Single player mode looks much better, like completely different games. The occasional sound drops and freezing/crashing of the system too.

MAR-TYR-DOM2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

How about addressing some of these horrible split screen issues? Framerates drop A LOT and you cant log in with another PSN account which is also fail AND why is it not widescreen, i mean if halo can do 4 player splitscreen there is no reason why this game cant. I really want to let some other people in my house play while i am two but some of these issues are making it tough.

CaptainKratos2960d ago

i tried playing online...crash, then tried playing single player...crash! :( i just want to play the game!keeps freezing.

LoVeRSaMa2960d ago

How about finishing a game before you release it?

hakis862960d ago

My PS3 almost froze sometimes yesterday when the host had a bad connection - as we were going into a new game/exiting a finished match..

How about actually spending some time using the Hardware of the PS3 better - can it be patched or is it too late?
So annoying to see the PS3 version being gimped compared to the 360's... lower res, unsable framerates, more blurry textures...more aliasing?

This is where I'll put down Black Ops and enjoy Killzone 3 in glorious detail at 720p when it releases in february!

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SiLeNt KNighT2960d ago

this looks like a reply email the game test managers get. this is old and addresses old issues. it takes time to make the changes and they were completed in september.

theres the usual cod issues with black ops. la-g,l-ag,l-----a-----g.

its impossible for me to have my sites directly on somebody, start shooting first and they end up killing me. ive been playing for aloooong time and know the difference between recoil and aiming issues and just straight lag. i understand the game just came out, but its the same game its been for the last 4 years, its not very difficult to anticipate a high volume of players on the servers.

and when i occasionally watch the killcam it irritates the hell out of me when you see them spraying bullets EVERYWHERE while you make precise direct hits but still die. they need to add an algorithm for aiming. machine guns from afar and slamming your finger on the trigger button with any gun should decrease the accuracy by tenfold. i know its a newb game but the crappy kills get old quick. reminds me too much of MW2 and i had noooo problem not playing that game

DARK WITNESS2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Thank you,, I was really starting to think it was just me.

I like what they have done balancing a lot of issue, but this is really killing the enjoyment for me.

I have always been more of an Assault Rifle guy. in cod4 and MW2 I knew if I had the Fammas or M16 or M4 or any of those guns, if I got into a fire fight head-on with someone who had an smg I still had a good chance of taking him out. It still felt like if I was quick enough and got the first few shots in I would win.

with black ops its a different thing, I have shot dead down the site at people with the M16 or Aug who are half way across the other side of the map only to get hit markers, they then return fire with an smg and i catch what feels like one bullet and I am dead.

and when they are in close again I have shot at people both hip-firing and aiming down the site and pulled off the first few shots only to get sprayed back but no matter how quickly I pull off the first few shots they seem to win with just one bullet while they sponge up my bullets.

it's the only real issue I have with backops. I have spoken to my ISP and my download speed is good, my ping speed is on the fastest they can set it to. i always search for local matches but just get the same thing.

I notice less lag with playing with people from the US compared to cod4 or MW2, so I know they have made improvements. it just feels really ridiculous that no matter what weapon I use, all they need to do is spray with the smg and there is no winning.

anyway, thats my only rant. it's good to see they are supporting the game with patches etc this quickly. I like the fact that it's a lot more balanced. it does feel overall that it plays a lot better. it just seems to reward people more for spraying then using anything else.

Sigh2960d ago

Nice but hopefully they fix the party system. Kinda annoying doing invites over and over with my friend while trying to play. Either of us would get disconnected.

MGRogue20172960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

The sniping needs to be fixed immediately.. I can never seem to get any kills.

Well.. Not as easily as I could in MW2. Takes ALOT more effort

Sikct9a2960d ago

You don't need to send invites all the time. If you or your friends get kicked, press triangle then find your friend and press square to join.

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