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Submitted by units 1914d ago | news

Aaron Greenburg laughing out loud at VGChartz Kinect sales report via Twitter

Greenburg: "LOL'ing at sales reports from VGChartz, why do people release info as official when there is no source or science behind the #s?" (Aaron Greenberg, Industry, Kinect, Xbox 360)

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Moonboots  +   1914d ago
Hrm, that sounds like a man with much bigger numbers. I don't think he would even mention it if he didn't know better and liked the results he saw.
Bigpappy  +   1914d ago
I am expecting over 1 mil at launch
Anything less I wold say would be a disappointment, but far from a failure.
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uxo22  +   1914d ago
Please, just give me one reason why that would be a concern for you. Seriously.
gta_manic  +   1914d ago
For half a billion, ya it better a 1mil
If i ever get a 360 i might get the bundle(so they must be going something right)
MariaHelFutura  +   1914d ago
Kinects failure will be judged in the Long term.

Edit: Ok. Kinect will be cemented in the worlds history based off of 6-8 games that kinda suck.
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Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1914d ago
I guess you went from XP straight to Windows 7.
Sarcasm  +   1914d ago
huh for once I agree with Aaron Greenberg. VGcharts is a joke
Anon1974  +   1914d ago
Indeed. No one in the industry takes this site seriously. And why should they? It's a guy who used to phone stores and get some sales numbers and then guessed about the rest. When he met someone in retail, he'd hit them up for more numbers. Then he made his own site where he does the same thing.

Just google him. Ioi, and his banning from neogaf forums. It's quite illuminating. Just because you can slap a coat of polish on a website showing off your fake numbers doesn't somehow make the content of that site magically reliable.

This is something the game industry itself knows very well, even if some of the posters on this site refuse to see the truth.
Game13a13y  +   1914d ago
i think Greenburg should LOL at himself first if he's laughing about fake numbers now.
Rainstorm81  +   1914d ago
The funny thing about this is, why now?

VGchartz has been wrong forever, but in favor of the 360 so why didnt greenburg say something then?

And people wonder where this flip flop fanboy mentality comes from.....
Longrod_Von_Hugendon  +   1914d ago
Can we please stop submitting shit from VGChartz now? Thanks.
JokesOnYou  +   1914d ago
well vgchartz has always been an estimate
Its easy to bash them but if you do some research 6mo back vg vs NPD you'll notice they had a fairly accurate record many times within 50k compared to NPD, while every now and then being waaay off. Some may say OMG thats terrible, but I always think its good for a free site considering the enormous task at hand. The problem is #1 vg aims to estimate sold to consumer while company #' s is retailers #2 people hate them only because when vg estimates their console sold less than the other console they suddenly take vg estimates as a personal attack, accuse the site of bias, etc. Check my history no matter which vg showed ahead I always say "If" or comment noting its an estimate. I know vg has done comparisons with their pre-liminary data vs NPD data for 6month periods which proved they were close for the most part. Its obvious the only reason Greenburg would tweet downplaying vgchartz now is becsause he knows the numbers are better than vg is estimating.
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nix  +   1914d ago
i feel sorry for the kid (a very big 360 fanboy, i heard) who started that website. after so many years of dedication, MS themselves are laughing at him.. how typical.
Cueil  +   1914d ago
actually the staffers are mostly pro Nintendo and Sony... the sight has very few Xbox fans on it...
ShinMaster  +   1913d ago
NEITHER of them can be trusted
End of subject.
pixelsword  +   1913d ago
Two things I get from this:
1. Greenburg is now in my cool book for doing that. He was always up and down, but that cements him.

2. We won't know kinect numbers until AFTER Black Friday's sales are tabulated, and that's how a smart marketer would do it, so wait until then.
uxo22  +   1912d ago
@Sheikh Yerbouti
No I've had them all dos 5 thru 7 missing nothing in between, even had apple and linux machines. I am an IT professional I don't computers and networks for a living. Now, think about your question again (or why you asked it), consider all the other things in your live that hasn't performed the way you feel that should have (computers, radios, consoles, blow up dolls, etc.) and then ask yourself how many of those manufacturers do you actually hate because of their disappointing product.

Then try an answer the question why you hate them. I would bet a dollar to a doughnut that you can't come up with an objective answer, you'll only be able to say "Because..." or some other BS answer.
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DigitalAnalog  +   1914d ago
What a slap to the face on VGChartz...
Microsoft legend-man finally speaks out against the garbage that is VGChartz. They should've inflated the sales by 75% more then they're supposed to.

-End statement
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Zeevious  +   1913d ago
What does it take now... have VGCharts BANNED from this site, like on NeoGAF.

VGCharts is nothing but a ethic-less excuse to drum up site-hits and ad-money...with no credibility and repeated demonstrations why they have none.

VGCharts fake news & numbers should be banned.
Death2494  +   1913d ago
I think....
it puts Microsoft at selling over a million that last time I checked. So why is he disagreeing with these numbers. They have you guys sitting at 44.5 million sold to consumer, when you announced on October 29th that you've only shipped 44 million. They're undertracking ps3 sales heavily. For people saying it has to sell at least a million, America has "allegedly" over 20million xbox360 install base. That isn't even 1% of it's install base in North America.
DeepInterludium  +   1914d ago
He's laughing because even he can't believe people are dumb enough to think that Kinect sold 500k it's first week.
ceedubya9  +   1913d ago
So what you're saying is...
It sold a lot more?
Statix  +   1914d ago
He's laughing because the sales numbers are disappointing, and he'd rather they not be released.
Sez  +   1914d ago
He probobly laughing because he Knows how many moves where actually sold and how quick kinect outsold it. I know I would be
Death2494  +   1913d ago
He's laughing...
because hes like:

"I know "gave" away atleast 400k. Lets see, everyone in the audience received one, and Burger King still has that "win a Kinect every 15minutes" ad going. Yea i know we at least gave away half of that."
showtimefolks  +   1914d ago
we will never know now

even than what's the big deal with number who ever will enjoy these motions controls great for them other gamers like me worry not we are being taken care of

just play games and let sony/ms do their thing with casual market

this year alone look at how many awsome games came out

halo reach
yakuza 3
heavy rain
alan wake

so as long as gamers are getting awsome games i am kool with both companies trying to make some extra cash from a different market share
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ceedubya9  +   1913d ago
And that list of cool games can be even longer. I haven't even scratched the surface of all of the great games that came out this year.
hakis86  +   1914d ago
Good to hear him dismiss VGChartz
Now maybe people can stop approving their news...??
PS360fanboy  +   1913d ago
Looks like Sony Fanboys aren't the only ones anymore doubting vgchartz credibility...
pixelsword  +   1913d ago
Well said.
frostypants  +   1913d ago
I don't care if the numbers are higher or lower...props to him for publicly calling out VGChartz. And I normally find Greenburg irritating.
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ct03  +   1913d ago
He wouldn't have brought this up if the real numbers were not substantially higher.
yewles1  +   1914d ago
The irony here is magical.
Nihilism  +   1914d ago
What irony? the irony that a PS3 marketing tool would try to suggest that VGcharts has more legitimate numbers than M.S?

Or the irony that you care so much as to come into this article and comment while trying to suggest you don't care...

Or the irony that both PS3 and 360 games all of a sudden care about the fate of motion control devices when they have done nothing but claim they don't care for it for the last 3.5yrs

Irony indeed.

Back to the basement boyo it's your turn to wash up tonight.

"Coming from the likes of YOU, the irony tastes even SWEETER now"

That makes no sense. I have never cared about motion control and I don't own a 360...I know it's hard, but try to think before you type, you're just embarrassing yourself.
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yewles1  +   1914d ago
"Or the irony that both PS3 and 360 games all of a sudden care about the fate of motion control devices"

Coming from the likes of YOU, the irony tastes even SWEETER now. XD
KwietStorm  +   1914d ago
What PS3 marketing tool is this? And why did you see it fit to try and disrespect this random person whom you dont know?
RememberThe357  +   1914d ago
I think some one needs to take a break.
I never realize how the word "irony" could get so deep under someones skin.
King-Leonidas  +   1914d ago
lol defensive much?
Nihilism  +   1914d ago
I'm seeing a lot of QQ at my factual observation.

People do need to lighten up, 34 people as of this post.
maverick40  +   1914d ago
@ Nihilism just out of curiosity,
do you suffer from aspergers syndrome?
likedamaster  +   1913d ago
Ah, the smell of pwnage in the morning. +1
Death2494  +   1913d ago
the Irony...
is Microsoft thinks they can get those people who bought a Wii (entire system for $150) to buy Kinect (peripheral $150). It's ironic that Xbox360 is known for it's hardcore games, yet it's abandoning the hardcore market to refresh the console. Ironic that ps3 has sold 8.1 million this year compared to Xbox360's 5.6 million. It's also funny how the ps3 is still more expensive than both Wii and Xbox360.
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gaden_malak  +   1914d ago
The irony here is that Greenburg made up his own numbers when Major Nelson reported otherwise, or vice versa. Regardless one of them is telling tall tales.
morganfell  +   1914d ago
Major Nelson posted numbers. The next evening Greenburg countered. The following day Greenburgs's boss countered him by providing the same numbers as Major Nelson. Do the math.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   1914d ago

so where is this proof of the events?

or should I just take the words of a known fanboy with two bubbles?

By the way, how did you get so many bubbles in the first place?
Sez  +   1914d ago
Please dude don't waste your time with morganfail@life. I'm still waiting for his proof that Sony only counts moves sales as shipped and ps3 as sold. I'm sure he can provide some kind of evidence,link,quote from a Sony exec that proves his statement as to why Sony can report ps3 as sold but can't do the same with move?


I still waiting for that link. Don't think because you pm'ed me then blocked me. That I wasn't going to still ask for it. Back up your claim or shut the F*** up
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hoops  +   1913d ago
Morgan works for Sony. That's why he is always pimping Sony in every single thread. You won't get proof from him ever. Don't waste your time with him. He is nothing more than a wannabe PR guy from Sony
Death2494  +   1913d ago
I guess you like eating crow.

Here's that proof you were looking for that sony reports shipped as "sold to consumer"
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Millah  +   1914d ago
The irony here is also that he tweeted from an Android phone. Ahem, didn't Microsoft just spend a ton of money launching Windows Phone 7? Doesn't say much for it when MS' own employees aren't even using it.
KwietStorm  +   1914d ago
lol How did I miss that?? Now THAT is funny.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   1914d ago
Maybe he bought his Android last year before Windows Phone 7 released.

Doesn't speak much for your intelligence or attempt at trolling.
Baka-akaB  +   1914d ago
that's weak , if he wanted a win7 phone he'd easily get one already . especially as a PR rep .

The whole he said , she said , you said , from above is the usual fanboys shenanigans and vgchartz being crap whatever the direction of the wind , but this here is a tiny bit funny .
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gigaware  +   1914d ago
Like anybody really thought those VGC numbers were anywhere close to what they really are when the retailers were reporting the Kinect device was selling out before Microsoft decided to produce them 24/7 with a army of trucks waiting to deliver them at a moments notice. LOL

I'm not telling a tall tail, Microsoft is making them all day every day.

First day over a million, first month 3 to 4 million in the US alone.
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Sitris  +   1914d ago
Lol at the 4 million first month in the US alone part. That is way to high, even for kinect and ms lol by end of year, world wide 5 million, now that is a smarter amount.
MariaHelFutura  +   1914d ago
"I'm not telling a tall tail, Microsoft is making them all day every day."

Tall **Tale**

What are you 80?

#3.2 (Edited 1914d ago ) | Agree(26) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
getem  +   1914d ago
whatever you are smoking must not be from this planet
Sarcasm  +   1914d ago
Alien reafer? Probably to be that delusional.
Bell Boy  +   1913d ago
guess someone forgot to tell the xbox owners near me in Atlanta because there are plenty of Kinect camera's sitting on the shelf.

To shift the numbers your talking about the thing would need to be on a shelf for all of 5 minutes
kanedaakira  +   1913d ago
Somebody needs to bookmark that comment and come back in a months time!
Genecalypse  +   1914d ago
Even tho he may be right, Aaron Greenburg is such...a douchebag
kaveti6616  +   1914d ago
Why judge a guy based on his job as a PR man? Do you know anything about him other than his occupation and the statements he makes as a requirement of his job?

Do you know if he's married or has kids? Do you know if he kicks homeless men on the street instead of giving them some money?

Does he have furnace in his basement used solely to incinerate small animals?

To call a man a douchebag for spinning positive statements about the company that he works for is narrow-minded.
Genecalypse  +   1914d ago
I'm sure if we had all the time in the world, and everyone got to know everyone on a spiritual level, and we felt peoples souls at a deeper level the world would be a better place and we could finally understand our fellow man. Except its not like that, and what he says and does is all we can base our perception on him for now.
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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1914d ago
I have furnace in the baement just for that. Barelly overdone cats taste like rabbit, but don't try to eat squirrels, now I know why they don't heal much in Fallout 3...
ozstar  +   1914d ago
@Geneclypse, WIN!

@kaveti6616, Greenburg has no modestly what so ever, thats why people cut him down (lrn2tallpoppysydrome).
gaden_malak  +   1914d ago
I sweat kaveti is the devil's b!tch.
maverick40  +   1914d ago
could you please quietly stfu. I cant believe i spent 10 seconds reading that thrash you just posted.
Zeevious  +   1913d ago
How ironic...
To say a man spinning positive statements (I call it smyling) about the company that he works for is NOT a douchebag is narrow-minded. He's an enthusiastic liar...every company employs them, and they are often douchebags.

The rest of your nonsense is what get's the guy get's a pass with kids or a wife?
If he beats his wife and kids...still get a pass?
If he's divorced because he's a cheating terrible husband...still?
How about he put his kids up for adoption because they where just too much of an inconvenience, or abandoned them...or never paid 11 cents in child support?

I'll deal with what I KNOW about this guy...and he is really a loser to me, but then I don't like fakes flakes or misleading PR people. I could never do that job because I have a sense of personal ethics and self-respect. How can you twist the world into a lie day in and day out and respect yourself after that?

That's why I'd like to know why the HELL should I care if he's married or has kids? How does that make any difference to anyone being a douchebag?

And yeah, me' -n- AAron go out and kick homeless people...with my soccer cleats on.

One time right after Ken Kutaragi handed him a signed PS3 as a gift...he put gloves on and went right out to the alley and beat a homeless person to death with it...leaving it there for the cops to find....with a note that said "Property of Ken 'Killer' Katuragi"
(it goes without blood)

Of course he doesn't have a furnace for incinerating animals in his basement...that's silly!
Well all burn them at the great Mac-N-trash bonfire once a week at a, uh...Apple-free Redmond campus...with no relation to work.

...and all that makes as much sense as some guy being a douchebag at work but forgiven for it cause he played Kinectimals.

If that really works for you...who's narrow minded?

Related video
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ArcFatalix  +   1914d ago
butthurt guy
lol owned
Suicide  +   1914d ago
VGChartz got usual.
ISKREEM  +   1914d ago
This is probably the only thing i'll ever agree with him on. Who honestly takes VGChartz seriously?
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1914d ago
He's either speaking out on principle, especially since NPD has gone mum. VGChartz is pure speculation - good only for shits and giggles.

He's either speaking because they have met their expectations and we have over a million sold already.

Or both, which is what I'm leaning toward. I'm sure there are more Moves out there now, but that is gonna change.

Hey, it's only motion controls. Lets not work ourselves up over them. I'm still on my couch. And what does your mom know about games anyhow?
#6.1 (Edited 1914d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
N4WAH  +   1914d ago
Yet most VGCharts articles are submitted as news and not a rumor. If there is no proof behind the numbers how can it be anything but a rumor?

I see people report this complaint all the time and rarely is it ever changed. Just give me the hits. That is what it is ALL about.
HaloManiac  +   1914d ago
lol poor kid :(
paracardium  +   1914d ago
Yep just keep giving those Kinects away...Burger King is giving 1 away every 15 seconds...that sounds like desperation to me.
kaveti6616  +   1914d ago
Altogether they're giving away maybe 4 thousand Kinect's through that BK ad. Sony was giving away Playstation 3s and LittleBigPlanet2 copies through Subway. Well? Anything to say about that?
blumatt  +   1914d ago
Yeah, I've got something to say
Giving away LBP copies doesn't matter. That game is two years old now and no one cares about its sales anymore (aside from Sony). MS giving away Kinects is so they can reach their projected "sales" numbers. Sony isn't giving away Move controllers every 15 seconds as a promotion or way to inflate portrayed sales numbers.
maxcer  +   1914d ago
@ blumatt

lol and the double standard from ps3 fanboys. typical
Makidian  +   1914d ago
I think it's every 15 minutes but I could be wrong.


It's 2688, so not a lot at all.
#8.2 (Edited 1914d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ct03  +   1913d ago
How is that not a lot? That is a ton!!!!!1 It makes them reach the 5 million sales target so much quicker, it's like cheating!!1

Citizen_King  +   1914d ago
or VGC could of overestimated sales, and as a PR Greenburg is doing his job and acting like it's even more than that. lol. You do understand that MS made an estimate of at least 3 million by the end of the year, and they are going to deliver no matter how much they have to spin. Seriously, how would they look if they sold half of that by December 31th?
PeterGriffinSays  +   1914d ago
I find this rather shallow and pedantic.
SuperKing  +   1914d ago
cmrbe  +   1914d ago
Well there you have it x360 folks
Even Greenberg agrees that VG charts as i have always said is crap. This is perhaps the only time i agreed with him.
GoldPS3  +   1914d ago
Why do people read Greenburg's twits? Why do people even like Twitter? I don't get it.

The people who disagree are Twitter fanboys.

Everyone disagree this comment. I want to break the disagree record.

Dammit who click agree?
#12 (Edited 1914d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
kaveti6616  +   1914d ago
I don't understand Twitter, either.

But some people think that if a celebrity they are following tweets that they're eating pancakes for breakfast, it's the greatest thing for them. They delude themselves into thinking that the celebrity is talking only to them.
GTmonster  +   1914d ago
greenburg said
FFXIII 360 will outself PS3 version in america. That didnt happen, fail.

Kinect is a flop 500 million and just 500k OMG LOL
jarrod1981  +   1914d ago
so now a sony troll agrees with vgc numbers. how funny.
GoldPS3  +   1914d ago
Looks like Kinect won't reach that 5m mark by years end.
hudsoniscool  +   1914d ago
that 500 million wasnt just for launch it was for this year
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1914d ago
Actually 500k kinect out, that cost 150 bucks each, that's 75m bucks generated, not a bad start for an overpriced camera that I hardly believe each one costs more than 35 bucks for all physical parts and assemble... For sure R&D department time and the software also costs money, but hey, knowing MS we all had seen the accessory cash in coming. I say they may be getting around 75 bucks of profit from each camera, that's 32,5m to MS with 500k kinect sold.

If they are really spending 500m on ads 'till the end of the year, they could get that money back if sales pick up... But I don't see them doing much of a profit anytime soon.
Rainstorm81  +   1914d ago

Didnt MS buy the tech from another company that shopped it to ninty and sony?
UnwanteDreamz  +   1914d ago
50% profit margin you say? Someone is dreaming....
Cueil  +   1914d ago
The physical hardware is something that's been around for a while... what's always been the problem is the software... Microsoft solved that issue and they partnered with Primesense to make the camera and bought 3DV to protect thier assets... 3DV had tons of patents that Microsoft needed
jarrod1981  +   1914d ago
either way ms is going to sell alot of these things and they will support the hell out of it. same with move. they both are going to offer great experiences to people. wish i had the money to pick up kinect right now. will be alot of fun to play with the family.
tdogg06051991  +   1914d ago
I think you would get Aaron Greenburg if David Cage went full retard. Thank god David Cage didn't.
Nitrowolf2  +   1914d ago
lol even an official says VGChart is unreliable. So can people stop relying on it then? Anyway only reason he is saying that is because VGChart sales for it are not correct (probably less then what MS has it at). Regardless of what favor it falls in, VGCHART IS NOT A RELIABLE SOURCE
IHateYouFanboys  +   1914d ago
VGChartz has never and will never be credible. as soon as anyone has ever linked to VGChartz to backup their argument, theyve lost the argument.

the only OFFICIAL sales figure we will get is the number of kinects shipped to retailers, just like thats the only official figure we get for console sales of all 3 consoles. Microsoft/Sony/Nintentdo literally have no way of tracking anything else.

and since sony fanboys now agree that Shipped = Sold after the whole 'Move fiasco', they should prepare themselves to see Microsoft claiming 5 million Kinect sales before the end of the year.

personally i have been thinking Kinect hasnt been selling as well as Microsoft hoped, since they have been incredibly quiet even though Kinects been out for a week. when Halo sells millions on day 1 we hear about it first thing on day 2. when console sales explode for a week, we hear about it the first thing on day 1 of week 2. with kinect, we've heard nothing. that to me says disappointing sales.

over here in Australia, Harvey Norman has just announced an absolutely KILLER kinect bundle - 250gb XBox 360 S + Kinect + Kinect Adventures + Dance Central for $468. that might seem expensive to you US folk, but consider this - the RRP for the 250gb Xbox S is $448 here, and thats what all the other shops are selling it for, bundling Kinect with it for another $100 or so. so for $20 you get kinect + Dance Central to go with your new 250gb 360. ill be buying one for sure, and retiring my old 360 to the bedroom for media streaming duties.
snp  +   1914d ago
VGChartz has never and will never be credible. as soon as anyone has ever linked to VGChartz to backup their argument, theyve lost the argument.


the only OFFICIAL sales figure we will get is the number of kinects shipped to retailers,

I'd expect so.

just like thats the only official figure we get for console sales of all 3 consoles. Microsoft/Sony/Nintentdo literally have no way of tracking anything else.

I think that's going a bit far. They could be using some firm sales numbers from retail partners in combination with an algorithm to come up with a fairly accurate estimate. Whether they do or do not do that, though, i couldn't say - MS is confirmed not to; the other two are speculation either way (and people have made credible cases either way imo; what one believes seems to come down to which console one's barracking for).

and since sony fanboys now agree that Shipped = Sold after the whole 'Move fiasco',

'Move fiasco'? Bit hysterical there. That 'fiasco' was cleared up in one day. And it was only ever PR about production and production run increases/demand. It wasn't exactly a quarterly statement (which is where the debate - which again, i don't have a position on - regarding whether PS3 hardware sales represents being sold to retail or a sold to consumer equation, resides.)

they should prepare themselves to see Microsoft claiming 5 million Kinect sales before the end of the year.

I've got no doubt that'll be claimed. I mean, that's their expectation/goal (and presumably production capacity) - anything short of it would presumably mean they've overestimated demand.

I'd expect, given it's shipped 2.5 million in first non holiday month and missing a major region (Japan), the Move to ship a similar, or perhaps even higher number.
#17.1 (Edited 1914d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
bviperz  +   1913d ago
Only for PS3 hardware:

Page 6, below the sales chart:
"Beginning with Q1 FY07, the method of reporting hardware and software unit sales has been changed from production shipments to recorded sales."

Just thought I'd let you all know.
SaberEdge  +   1913d ago
A lot of people seem to not understand what that means. "Production shipments" refer to product that is produced in the factory and shipped to company warehouses. "Recorded sales" refers to sales of said product to distributers and retail chains.
#17.2.1 (Edited 1913d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
bviperz  +   1913d ago
Sony calculates their install base as 'sale-through'.

"We calculate our install base by 'sell through' and have done for the last four years I believe", we asked for a little additional clarification...

"We classify 'sell through' as the number of units consumers have actually purchased from retail. 'Sell in' is the number of units we've sold to retail."

Besides, I was just trying to point out to the two folks above me that Sony does not do shipped=sold numbers.
IHateYouFanboys  +   1913d ago
and how does sony know how many consoles are in customers hands?

they dont. theres just no way to track this, unless every single shop regularly reports back to sony how many consoles they have sold. dont even for one second suggest that this happens, because it doesnt.

sony can blow as much smoke up your @rse as they want - they do not and can not ever have a real figure of how many consoles are in peoples hands. if a shop order 10 PS3, then a week later orders another 10, sony just figure "ok well they wouldnt order 10 more if they hadnt sold those first 10, so our 'sell through' is now 10". so are they lying when they say their 'sell through' numbers are 10? nope. are they lying when they say thats how many are in customers hands? technically no, because by their ASSUMPTIONS they have sold 10 to customers.

this isnt rocket science - once it leaves Sonys distribution centres, they have no way of tracking how many are sold. fact. 100% truth. Microsoft dont either. Nintendo dont either. Apple dont either. its just not possible.

by sonys definition of 'sell through', which they define themselves, sure, they know how many are in consumers hands. the reality though is that their definition isnt the same as ours, nor is it any different to Microsofts 'shipped' definition.

its like me saying 'ive changed my sales figures from reporting units sold to shops (A) to units sold to customers (B). (B) is defined as (A)-10. nothing i said is wrong - i did change the way i report to 'sold to customers'. the confusion lies in the fact that my sold to customers (B) is just based on my sold to shops (A) - it doesnt bring any new sales figures to the table. thats what sony did, and people like you fell for it.
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bviperz  +   1913d ago
Relax man, I understand your point. You're getting worked up for nothing. What it all means is moot point, and you explained why pretty well. Doesn't change the fact that Sony does not report ship=sold numbers. I just pointed out a simple observation.
IHateYouFanboys  +   1913d ago
"Doesn't change the fact that Sony does not report ship=sold numbers. I just pointed out a simple observation."

but thats what im pointing out is wrong - they DO report shipped = sold!! theyre just re-defining THEIR definition of "sold".

its like when you sign up for an internet plan with 'unlimited' downloads. most of them have a clause saying after 100gb or whatever that youre shaped to 56k. is the plan unlimited? definitely. is it unlimited at the speed you think youre entitled to? not at all. its the oldest trick in the book. sony are saying 'this is how many we've sold to customers', but then in one of their 'clauses' they define 'sold to customers' as 'shipped to retailers, because retailers wouldnt order more if they hadnt completely sold out'. we know thats not how it really works, but it doesnt stop them doing it so they can say 'we have sold to x many customers' - and fanboys eat it up.

understand yet?
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I Make Stuff Up  +   1914d ago
OK, then.
Both "teams" agree that VGC is a bunch of crap, so can we now please ban them?
If N4G doesn't throw down the ban hammer it simply proves that this place is all about hits and not news.

There N4G, you have been challenged. Now show your true colors.
Cueil  +   1914d ago
then we'll have to ban half the retards on the site just to be fair
likedamaster  +   1913d ago
Cueil does have a point.
SaberEdge  +   1913d ago
And we would have to ban all the fanboy blogs that comprise a large proportion of the "articles" submitted to N4G.
Jigsaw-  +   1914d ago
even he said the obvious which is vg is fake. 2.9 away from last place,get used to it.
Jazz4108  +   1914d ago
You talk as being last is bad and that must make ps3 look bad then since its been last for almost 5 years. That said I will talk reality and that is the ps3 is doing vry well for releasing a year later and finally closing the gap. Its a good machine and desrerves the love and ms also deserves the credit for hanging in there with all that they have been through. In otherwords second or third place this gen is not a big deal as they are all very close.
Megaton  +   1914d ago
I found it to be pretty funny as well. There's no way they left a single channel unstuffed.
shikamaroooo  +   1914d ago
Agree with me if Vg charts should be banned from N4G
#21 (Edited 1914d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
SilverSlug  +   1914d ago
It should be.
Jigsaw-  +   1914d ago
sony guys never said shipped=sold for move. they said europe numbers are sold which is mean u.s numbers are shipped. also kinect flopped, M$ would have said something by now,they always say the numbers of things the following day. they are waiting till they get enough sales to announce anything to make it seem like it did well.
gigaware  +   1914d ago
The people in here are funny. Why does kinect make the people on this site so emotional? Always more PS3 fans in Kinect articles than there is 360 fans. No one cares about Move so no one trolls move articles


No you're here like the rest of the PS3 fanboys in here. Because you troll kinect articles and you came in here to do damage control because a Microsoft REP suggested VGC doesn't know what they were talking about. VGC has been making sales claims for years obviously AG said that because VGC is ridiculously off with their numbers.
#23 (Edited 1914d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(25) | Report | Reply
snp  +   1914d ago
I'm not here because of the Kinect, i'm here for the delicious irony of watching all the folk who constantly prop up VGChartz for cynical reasons (and invent hypocrisies that don't exist to buffer their behaviour) now turning the back on them for equally cynical reasons.

Seriously, how many people, and real numbers, have to undermine them before people start to feel to embarrassed to prop them up - even for trolling purposes?
#23.1 (Edited 1914d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
snp  +   1914d ago
IF that's the case, point me to a long line of articles MS articles i've 'trolled' which haven't featured VGChartz?

If you can't back it up, mind your manners eh? (And i know you can't because i simply haven't - i go out of my way not to, in fact. Partly for the simple reason that it prevents people like yourself making up that claim, partly because if i don't own an Xbox, i've got no business dropping my two cents there.)

You won't find a single post where i've rubbished the XBox360 or the Kinect.

Actually, i'll make it easy for you. If you go through my comment history you'll find only 'one' post (off the top of my head) in a Kinect only thread - and that was in defence of cynical nonsense dismissing half the Move's catalogue because it could also be played on a Duelshock (i made no mention of Kinect).

A quick look at my posting history, though, will find i've been consistent regarding VGChartz.

I wonder if you have been?

Don't bother to answer - i recognise your name; it's all through PS3/Move only threads.
#23.1.1 (Edited 1914d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(6) | Report
snp  +   1914d ago
Bloody hell. Just realised, you're not even a single account holder!

You got here '15 days ago' (and are down to two bubbles).

Not likely.

Obviously this is just one of your multiple personalities/accounts.

To have the hide to take a swing - without any basis - and parrot on about 'fanboys' while you're up to that sort of behaviour yourself... That's just really... naff.

Unless you're young or something (which is kinda different) that's way too dedicated.

Anyway, three posts in row. I'm off.
#23.1.2 (Edited 1914d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(5) | Report
Orionsangel  +   1914d ago
How can a webcam and air sell that much? lol!
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   1914d ago
didn't hear him say shit when vg was inflating 360 numbers.oh the irony indeed.
SilverSlug  +   1914d ago
Greenberg uses Android, guess he doesn't like Windows Phone 7 either.
Garnett  +   1914d ago
It really shows how much of a joke VGChartz is, hey VGChartz, fuck you!

I got banned, because i was against the increased price of Xbox Live, really shows their true colors...

Lame website is lame.
DXM1  +   1914d ago
Lmfao @ gigaware. Only 1 line comes to mind which is something along the lines of... "FRIENDS MOTHERFUCKER! DO YOU HAVE ANY !?" .

Moving on... Where is omega, to boast about imaginary sales figures aka VG chartz? It doesnt matter if MS sold more or less kinects = VGcharts is an uncredible website.
#28 (Edited 1914d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Neko_Mega  +   1914d ago
Big words from a game that has to be mean to others, couldn't just say VG was wrong?

Anyways do care what number they come up with, shock that he isn't talking trash about sites that said Kinect...Just didn't Kinect.
All_4_One  +   1914d ago
I didn`t see him laughing out loud at VGchartz when the falsely claimed 360 dominance month after month.
Trroy  +   1914d ago
I agree. Despite VGChartz repeated inaccurate numbers, Greenburg I actually trust *less*.
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