Mobcast 78: With Double Fine's Tim Schafer and Tasha Harris

In this "double-fine" episode of the Mobcast, Costume Quest's Tim Schafer and Tasha Harris join Bitmob's Dan Hsu and Brett Bates.

The crew discusses the virtues of disc-based and downloadable content, whether or not comedic developers can create more serious subject matter, underused art styles, and the last laugh-out-loud game they played. Tim also brings his own super-secret topic to the table. (But did he even actually think of one before recording the episode?)

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ManfredLamchop2956d ago

Is Bitmob still going to have that Paul Gale E3 Q/A for 2011? That's a Mobcast in itself!

Sadie21002956d ago

This episode is really funny!