FlingSmash Review - Motion Plus Killer App? |

When the Wii Motion Plus was first announced by Nintendo at E3 2008, gamers everywhere were wondering what kind of games the 1:1 control would allow for. Nintendo released Wii Sports Resort with the peripheral -- a glorified tech demo of a game -- and EA has released fantastic golf games that support the add-on. Since then, Nintendo hasn't released a killer app for the peripheral, with Ubisoft's Red Steel 2 easily being the best Wii Motion Plus-enhanced game. On November 8, 2010, Nintendo released the Wii Remote Plus; a Wii Remote with Motion Plus technology built in it. Bundled with the controller is a first party title called FlingSmash -- a game that requires the Wii Remote Plus or Motion Plus in order to play. Is FlingSmash Nintendo's first true killer app for the Motion Plus technology?

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