Have you ever used the phrase, “It’s on like Donkey Kong”?

PGN shares some thoughts on the popular phrase, "It's on like Donkey Kong" and asks readers if they've ever used it. This following the news made by NOA today to patent the line.

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Sun_e2957d ago

I have heard it numerous times. And everyone has a good laugh usually. Can't believe Nintendo has waited all these years to try and patent it.

MariaHelFutura2957d ago

Uhm....Daily. I thought everyone did.


DonkeyKingKong332957d ago

Is it true that Ice Cube used it first? I always thought it was pretty funny. :)

GodzillaOwns2957d ago

I don't know where it started but good thing for Nintendo on finally registering it! Hopefully this doesn't mean that TV shows can't use it anymore.

kissmeimgreek2957d ago

no, it just means theyll have to get permission to use it.

Shackdaddy8362957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I do it all the time. Lol. I always get a few laughs or a smile when I say it.

DK is also my all time favorite game character but thats unrelated to why I say that phrase.

OldSchoolGamer32957d ago

always was a funny phrase but never knew its origin story. heh dk is my favorite racer in mario kart.

ManfredLamchop2957d ago

Will I have to pay to use it now? LOL?

WiiRemotes22957d ago

We always use that at work. I never thought who came up with it but it always made my smile to think of DK and Ninty while saying it.

SonicBoomBoom42957d ago

I hear it most often in Boxing fights.

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