PSP with LittleBigPlanet and Karate Kid on UMD for $130 on Black Friday

"If you've been on the fence when it comes to buying a PSP, Paul Gale Network knows where to go on Blak Friday. A PSP, Karate Kid on UMD, and LittleBigPlanet for $130 is a bargain."

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Sun_e2932d ago

Seems like Radioshack is stepping up their gaming inventory. Hopefully they have more things available as time progresses.

DonkeyKingKong332932d ago

I hope they do something for PS3!

Kurisu2932d ago

I had no idea UMD films were still being sold :/

DonkeyKingKong332932d ago

Yeah it seems like such an old non-useful piece of software to still produce but whatever it's free right?

Zachmo1822932d ago

Sony pictures still releases UMD films for it. I think they are the only one i learned that like 2 years ago.

Close_Second2932d ago

...but all those that bitch about no UMD on the Go must surely buy all their movies for PSP on UMD. Or do they rip DVD to their pro-duo...could be a case of double standards me thinks.

GodzillaOwns2932d ago

This will make me finally buy one and lol...PSP Go gets nothing.

WiiRemotes22932d ago

I dunno, the PSP still doesn't look like that good of a system to me. :( Maybe I'll stand corrected. If someone can list for me 10 games they honestly feel are a 9/10 and aren't a port from anywhere else I'd get one. I just hate buying a system for only 5 "good" games. I want 10 "stellar" ones.

SonicBoomBoom42932d ago

Street Fighter Alpha 3 nuff said.

Close_Second2932d ago

...I own a PSP and I can't stand the Street Fighter franchise.

Bass_fisherman2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

PSP as a great amount of good RPG games, some very fun shooters in Third Person perspective and also a few great platformers/slashers.

True that the PSP should share the PS1/PS2 legendary awesomeness but it was never meant to be that way only the PS3 is making its way there.

The PSP2 better be worth it (content wise) cause im not upgrading to a portable device that may play PS2 games on the go if there isnt anything more decent to play aside from that.PS1 games do just fine for me for nostalgia sake.

8-bit2932d ago

PSP is an awesome portable. It has some kick ass games. If you are a fan of the final fantasy 7 saga you CAN'T miss crisis core on PSP. Both god of war PSP games are amazing. Socom Fire team bravos are multiplayer online with headset support. Portable GTAs are good fun too. I am so waiting for the PSP2!!!

skrug2932d ago

Final Fantasy Crisis Core
Final Fantasy Dissidia
Patapon (1 and 2)
Jeanne d'arc
MGS (portable ops/ Peace Walker)
Kingdom Hearts
GOW (Chains of Olympus/ Ghost of Sparta)
Valkyria Chronicles
DJ MAX Portable (1 and 2)
Monster Hunter
Syphon Filter
Killzone Liberation

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OldSchoolGamer32932d ago

already own one and paid 180 which i'm content with.

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The story is too old to be commented.