Cuba is not too happy with Call of Duty: Black Ops. Does controversy matter to you?

"Members of the Cuban press express their concerns over certain material in Call of Duty: Black Ops and Paul Gale Network asks readers in general, what they think of controversial themes in games."

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Sun_e2955d ago

I think a player should be smart enough to not act out or manipulate ideas used in black ops, as well as any other video game. It is for entertainment.

DonkeyKingKong332955d ago

Gamers should be smart enough that's true. I think that with the whole Taliban thing, Mohammad thing in Southpark and all of that, people need to relax a little.

WiiRemotes22955d ago

The Taliban issue is a bit different but you've got the right idea. People need to chill!

Millah2955d ago

Does controversy matter? Um, I think the more important question to ask is does Cuba matter to you? Seriously, who the hell cares what those communists say. They'll take any opportunity they can to slander Amercia, whats new?

GodzillaOwns2955d ago

Controversy never really affects me personally in gaming (at least not yet). But wow they're mad!

OldSchoolGamer32955d ago

so should vietnam be upset to?

ManfredLamchop2955d ago

"sociopathic"? really? that's harsh.

dinkeldinkse2955d ago

I had the exact same thought.

EliteAssassin812955d ago

Its not like Black Ops needs Cuba's support anyways. Their was 3.6 million people playing it on xbox live just before I turned it off.

fucadastates2955d ago

yheh, just like fuck the states about the Taliban thing. fuck USA.

Ocelot5252955d ago

fuck usa

the game would be banned if it was reagan instead of castro

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The story is too old to be commented.