Call of Duty: Black Ops wasn't played as much as Halo: Reach during yesterday's launch

Call of Duty: Black Ops might be the biggest console release this year, but according to Raptr's rankings, it didn't even topple Halo: Reach in gametime hours during its launch yesterday. The statistic is an interesting reminder of two FPS franchises that are both destined to battle back and forth for the months ahead.

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George Sears2928d ago

Those two will from now on have a struggle to reach first place. Either way they both dominate Live.

SixZeroFour2928d ago

i personally think that BO is now taking top live activity, just had a slow start cause some ppl didnt want to do the midnight launc

T9X692927d ago

The person who submitted this made up this title. That list is for Raptr, not MS. I got Reach on day one and the most I saw online all day was like 1.5 million. Around 8pm EST on 11/9/10 Black Ops had 2.9 million players online. If I remember correctly MW2 had the most XBL members on at a given time with over 2 million, where Black Ops had 100,000 shy of 3 million. I can tell you from playing both games on launch day, Black Ops destroyed Halo Reach in terms of players on day 1.

xAlmostPro2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

oops wrong article..

r1sh122927d ago

this story is not realistic.
Firstly there are quite a few issues with trying to get a large party into a game, People get dropped when trying to enter a lobby.
Day one I saw almost 3 million people playing.

SixZeroFour2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

someone tweeted that at that moment, there were 3.4mil playing but not sure if it was for 360 or ps3

RedDead2927d ago

This is how I feel about them, as of christmas it will be me shifting between Black, Reach and GT5. Those 3 games are ones you can play for hours without getting bored. I love when devs pack contect into a game like that, there's so much to do in these 3 games/

RedDead2927d ago

Playing campaign mode, I didn't realise it has recurring characters from WAW.SPOILERZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZ:::::: The main soviet character dimitri and Reznov are in it again :)

theEx1Le2927d ago

All call of duty games have had recurring characters i think

RedDead2927d ago

Ye but not like this, except MW2, I didn't think this one would as WAW had no story, it was just the standard WW2 one.

San anto2927d ago

There is over 3 million people live now, on xbox live alone....

Newtype2927d ago

I guess people on BO probably play the single player first then go online. That's what I did.

T9X692927d ago

I'm pretty sure as long as you're logged into XBL and on a game, the game counts you as 1 player online. So even if you played SP on Reach of Black Ops, you will be counted as 1 player online. Not 100% sure on that, but I believe that's how it works.

rezzah2927d ago

Thats because Infiniti Ward didnt make Blacl Ops, If they had done so then it would be a different story. Seriously you cant possibly think another company to be the better of the one who actually created and worked on the game since the beginning.

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The story is too old to be commented.