The Cost of Halo 3 Fandom

While the wages of sin may be Hell, Halo 3 may just cost you all your wages. It's perhaps the year's most anticipated release, and with it comes accesories out the wazoo. GameDaily.Biz determines how much hardcore fans are going to get set back this November.

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MK_Red4121d ago

Being fan of anything these days is pretty expensive. God know how much I've spent on Mortal Kombat stuff like Kollector's Edition, SE and such.
I think it's now Halo 3 fans' turn to pay for what they love the most.

Zhuk4121d ago

well i'm grabbin the controller, headset and chatpad :p yeah its expensive but a Halo release is a special time for a gamer and I need all this stuff anyway regardless of the Halo paint job.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4121d ago

How is Halo release a special time for a gamer? Maybe if It was Half Life 3.

Frances-the-Mute4121d ago

imagine for the star wars fans

MK_Red4121d ago

Good point. Star Wars...
Halo, MGS and others really cost their fans but Star Wars makes them (fans) go bankrupt ;)

kewlkat0074121d ago

well ina good way, but they sure are loyal supporters, as well as some of my buddies that collect comic book figurines, you should see this guys room, no ledge left uncovered.

What can I say about Halo

It's F$%ken Halo dammit, buy that sh!t.

I know I will..

FormidableOne4121d ago

I quote:"GameDaily.Biz determines how much hardcore fans are going to get set back this November"

Uh sir, Halo 3 comes out September 25th/26th. You might want to edit your news story to reflect so. Just thought I'd point that out to you.

Now, on-topic, I won't be spending any more money that the 69.99 for the collectors edition. I'm a hardcore gamer, but I'm not wasting a whole load of money for a toy helmet... it's just not worth it. Now maybe if I had a cat, it would. Master Chief kitty, I could see it now.

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The story is too old to be commented.