Win an epic Gran Turismo 5 prize pack!

To celebrate the release of the most anticipated video game of the year, C4 and PlayStation bring you GT Academy. Plus, a chance to win an epic GT5 prize pack!

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scar202876d ago

OMG theres white stuff all over my computer.

LordStig2874d ago

why don't you smear some on your finger give it a lick and tell us what it tastes like.

acedoh2874d ago

bring this show to the U.S... I don't care about the prizes... It's the show I would love to see.

level 3602875d ago

I think this is "Only in Europe need apply"..

..pity to some of us.

Si-Fly2874d ago

More interested in winning a Mercedes SLS via the signature edition, I need that car in my garage!

BooZe2874d ago

To compliment your moped?

Nariko-20112874d ago

More than 30 ps3 fans care more about the kinect article above this one. Truly a sad day

Blaster_Master2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )


@ Nariko.
probably because we all know its not true. Some people just hate talking about it. Quit rubbing it in.

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