Boost for Blu-ray in face-off with HD-DVD

The increasingly dirty technology war being fought for dominance of "next generation" DVDs took another twist today when one of China's largest film distribution groups said it would back Blu-ray, the technology developed by Sony and Philips.

China Film Group's decision comes as the Blu-ray Disc Association – a consortium of more than 170 content and hardware producers – is reeling from the defection of Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation two weeks ago.

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Spiderman 1,2,3 in Blu Ray in 2008,nuff said

SabreMan3971d ago

you do mean 2007 don't you

nasim3971d ago

Transformers couldnt even reach 700m in grosses

SIPERMAN 1,2,3 all have grossed over 800 m with SPIDERMAN 3 grossing around 900m.

all pirates have grossed over 900m with 2 being 1.05 billion

LION KING has grossed around 800m

so surely both HD DVD and MS are dead

cuco333971d ago

preach on fella... keep thinking that

Frances-the-Mute3971d ago

yup, spiderman pretty much settles it for a huge boost, transformers is a contender but cant win

ReBurn3971d ago

A single movie isn't going to make or break either platform.

MrSwede3971d ago

Agreed ReBurn but Spiderman vs Transformers is quite a battle!

Rageanitus3971d ago

That is why blu-ray will still win.

Blu-ray has more top tier titles that grossed out the most income

The top 20 high def movies are not sold buy paramount and universal. The top movie from both of these camps is Babel, which ranked 17 in total sales.

pacman6153970d ago

i was kind of hoping for all the STAR TREK'S seasons on blu ray :(

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stonedog3971d ago

The battle will go on. Yes this is good news or at least not bad news for Blu-ray but in no way conclusive. China does not use use DVD the present dominant format; they use vcd instead. But such a hug market is positive for its potential as HD penetration there is still low (about 20 million was projected by the end of 2006. Price will be the decider as that will bring the mass adoption and consumption

Fighter3970d ago

I thought I was the only one that wants to see the Star Wars franchise in Hi-def.

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The story is too old to be commented.