Miyamoto: It was "a big leap" to develop a 3D Mario title

Nintendo Universe writes:

From Super Mario 64 right through to Super Mario Galaxy 2, it is hard to imagine that there was ever any doubt in bringing the seasoned plumber into the realms of 3D.

Yet such a decision to do so was “a big leap” according to series creator Shigeru Miyamoto, with Nintendo fearing that they would alienate fans of the series by breaking away from the 2D action-platform roots that had proved so popular.

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saint_john_paul_ii2956d ago

i was blown away when i saw Mario 64 back in 1995.

lzim2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

exactly, how can bringing 3D display to make stuff pop out of the screen (more specifically use perspective in puzzles that are innovative instead of itterative) be more difficult than modeling stuff in 3D in the first place?

it's like they've forgotten how to build dreams all of a sudden.

edit: rofl he's talking about making the game 3d in the first place.. read too fast. Reminds me of GTA III, that game going from 2D to 3D was also risky from the fan perstective. And it worked out great too.

Gue12955d ago

and it wasn't just you, when I played Mario 64 for the first time I thought, "things can't get any better than this!". lol

the 3D vision is cool but as it is right now is not that great. 3D right now feels kinda cheap and after some time it gets you dizzy and hurts your eyes. Wearing glasses kinda ruins the contrast and clarity of the picture too...

Mamajuana2955d ago

This guy is a living legend. I agree with you Pope, it was amazing playing that for the first time.

LordMarius2955d ago

How about you try to do an HD Mario. oh wait you cant

Takoulya2955d ago

Was that necessary? I hate the Wii's hardware as much as the next guy, but this trolling wasn't called for at all. It's not just about graphics, but also about games. Wii has quite a few franchises going for it, too. This is coming from a PS3 fan, BTW.

MRHARDON2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Can have a Mario HD if they really wanted to but not this console generation, I bet thats what they play everyday on there PC, since you need a PC to create the games...

So I bet they play 720p version of Mario when they create it but they have to dumb it down for make it work for the Wii....

99% sure they will have a HD wii next time around :D

Neckbear2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Emulators, broski.

Hell, I can play Super Mario 64 in a higher resolution than anything available on Consoles out there.

DaBadGuy2955d ago

Get back in your Killzone snuggie and rock yourself to sleep clutching your PS3.

I'll enjoy games for gameplay not graphics.

AWBrawler2955d ago

yes and your precious HD game developer can't make a bright colored game without brown and gray everywhere.

Dark_king2955d ago

Really last time I checked UC2 had plenty of color.Dont say stupid crap HD consoles have way more color options then SD consoles.Now on topic,I was a bit disappointed in it going 3D just didn't have that same feeling to me.But was still a great game.

AWBrawler2955d ago

dare you to name 10 hd games with color

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Tikicobra2955d ago

Ummm... this isn't really news...

gamingisnotacrime2955d ago

i remember the moment i first saw it, special gaming moment

gillri2955d ago

Yeah to this day seeing the Ultra 64 and its games as a kid is the most excited I have ever been about gaming